3 Easy Ukulele Songs Kids Can Play With Just 2 Chords

3 Easy Ukulele Songs Kids Can Play With Just 2 Chords

3 Easy Ukulele Songs Kids Can Play With Just 2 ChordsAre you ready to learn how to play the ukulele? Try these fun, 2 chord songs from music teacher Teresa Y. to get started.

The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments for students of all ages to pick up and play. Make fast progress and get hooked on the ukulele with these simple 2 chord songs in the key of C. Even kids will be able to play these 3 easy ukulele songs!

Easy Ukulele Songs with 2 Chords

Chord diagrams for C and G7 are all that you need to get started. Here’s a guide to understand these diagrams: 1=left hand index finger, 2=middle finger, 3=ring finger. Voila! For now, make simple down strokes, or “strums”, on the beat using your right index fingernail or thumb pad, whichever feels better. Don’t forget to tune your ukulele to make these chords sound great!


Row, Row, Row Your Boat

First up, this super-simple version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat only requires one switch from C to G7 and back to C. Bonus: it has a positive, peaceful message. So sweet and light, but actually deeply wise! The slashes after chord names show you where to strum.


C        /       /             /

Row, row, row your boat

/           /              /            /

Gently down the stream.

/            /            /            /

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

G7      /        C        /

Life is but a dream.

One Big Tip for Fast Success

If you’re a beginner, start with just the C chord. Pat the beat on the body of the instrument when it’s time for the G7 chord. Kids like the percussive move, and it teaches them to do something different for a certain number of beats and then get back to C. After C sounds good (press harder until it does), add G7 to the mix. Here’s another song you can play:

London Bridge is Falling Down

Next up, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Its quicker tempo and multiple verses reinforce successful strumming and chord changes. G7 shows up regularly this time, so get ready for some extra practice. Remember that learning an instrument isn’t something you can “cram” for. It’s all about repetition, which makes the magic of skills development happen. Thus the importance of creating an environment in which regular playing time, even just 15 minutes at a time, is satisfying and fun.


C           /              /         /

London Bridge is falling down,

G7       /         C       /

falling down, falling down,

C           /              /         /

London Bridge is falling down,

G7     /      C        /

my    fair  lady.

Build it up with silver and gold…

Gold and silver I have none…

Build it up with needles and pins…

Pins and needles bend and break…

Etc. There are countless versions and verses.

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice is another perennial favorite. Its carving-knife drama is memorable and even scandalous to 21st century kids. Remember you can always go back to patting the instrument for a bit when transitions are challenging. If you’re singing along, your purposeful and expectant pause for the next chord will prompt you to go for it.


C        /        /        /

Three blind mice,       

/         /        /        /

three blind mice,

G7     /             C      /

see  how they run,      

G7     /              C     /

see   how they run.

C         G7         C           /

They all ran after the farmer’s wife,

C               G7              C           /

who cut off their tails with a carving knife.

C           G7              C                  /

Did ever you see such a sight in your life

C      G7     /        /

as three blind mice. 

(There are lots of variations on the next-to-the-last line. Did you ever see… You never did see… Choose the one you like best.)

So there you have it – 3 easy ukulele songs that will get you making music fast. Now that you’ve got these easy ukulele songs down, find some more tunes to play on the uke in this ultimate list of ukulele songs.

Want to expand your skills even more? Look for a ukulele instructor near you, or online, to start adding more chords to your repertoire.

 Teresa YPost Author: Teresa Y. teaches many subjects, including ukulele, singing, piano, and beginning drums in Northridge, CA. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, she enjoys working with students of all ages. Learn more about Teresa here!




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    Jack Irby says:

    Aww how awesome. My son is very musical. He’s only 1 and a half and is actually really impressive with the drums. He’s gonna turn 2 soon I’m thinking of enrolling him into some music classes. Maybe even to play the ukulele.


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