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About Caitlin A.

Salt Lake City, UT

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About Caitlin
I am a life-long musician and active performer that moved to Salt Lake City in the summer of 2015 from Chicago, IL. I've been playing music since age 5 and have variously studied piano, cello, and percussion. As a double major in Anthropology and Music at Lawrence University (Appleton, WI), I am drawn to music as a creative cultural phenomenon that resonates between all people and it is for this reason that I love to share, teach, and learn music with others. As I build a studio here in SLC I am excited to share my love of cello and piano and my commitment to making music fun as I work to buil
d students into life-long musicians.

My primary instrument is the cello and I have performance experience as a soloist, as well as orchestral and chamber musician. Upon arriving in Chicago in 2010, I served as Principal Cellist with the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra for two years and took gigs as a classical and improvisational chamber musician throughout the city. In addition to my private studio, I was the primary cello instructor at Musical Chairs Studio, Inc. and Ortegan School of Music in Chicago.

I am also a percussionist and teacher with Salt Lake City's Samba Fogo, an afro-Brazilian music and cultural organization. I have studied Brazilian music with some of the major musicians and scholars in the field at California Brazil Camp in Cazadero, California. My training in percussion has brought an entirely new perspective to my musical practice that highlights rhythmic fluency and precision as a foundational element for both left and right hand stringed instrument technique.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am excited to offer lessons to people of all ages and ability levels and have experience teaching within and beyond the Suzuki Method approach.

Lessons are tailored to each student’s experience, individual needs, and most importantly, their goals! Lesson plans will combine interactive rhythmic, singing and listening exercises away from the instrument with music theory and technique-building exercises. The aim is to cultivate musicians with strong rhythmic, aural, and technical foundations and great problem solving skills that will open many doors as you or your child grow into your talent.

I aim to develop well-rounded musicians and performers by focusing on these 5 teaching priorities:
1. Balanced posture of body including instrument and bow hold
2. Balanced tone production or "tonalization"
3. A system of "perfect" or excellent intonation
4. Artistic musicianship in performance
5. Learning notes and bowings to new pieces

While learning notes and bowings is lowest on the priority list; it must be taught first! Fun listening games aid in the development of aural memory as I help students acquire listening skills that will stay with them for years to come and allow them learn to play any tune they can imagine. Once my students can do the note choosing on their own we are free to focus on the other teaching priorities during lesson time.

I also focus on teaching my students how to practice efficiently and use excellent problem solving skills! We want to get the MOST improvement with the LEAST amount of practice time. I like to combine practice at the instrument with games and exercises that can be done away from the instrument to give each student a degree of flexibility for those busy weeks when it's hard to find time to sit down and play. Students leave each lesson with a detailed practice plan that breaks down the difficult question of "what" and "how" to practice into a clear, concise checklist of familiar exercises. Students will also have suggested YouTube videos to watch some of the best musicians of all time and learn from their mastery of technique and musicality!

*** Additional Information***

I also have experience with extended and amplified cello techniques using loop and distortion pedals to layer and explore the variety and versatility of the cello.

*** Travel Equipment ***
2015 Subaru Forester that will get me to your lesson with all my instruments and any other equipment each and every time!

I travel to lessons with a music stand, metronome, and all teaching materials that would be present at a lesson taught in my home or studio.
Christian N. December 9, 2016
· Cello · In home
Wonderful! I haven't seen my son this excited about the future of his music in a very long time. She helped him correct a few issues and listened to what was important to him in continuing his musical journey then made a bit of a plan to continue forward. She even stayed a little longer to help with a piece he will be performing in a couple of weeks. She seems to have a very strong classical base but has expanded into other areas, which is exactly what my son needs at this time.
Tara A October 5, 2016
· Cello · In home
Caitlin is a committed teacher and life-long learner. Having experienced Caitlin's passion for music through her riveting performances and devoted teaching, I cannot recommend her more. She is a sensitive, communicative and passionate teacher and musician, and one of the best teachers you will find.

From first hand experience of observing her teaching, she masterfully matches the energy of her students. She is able to effectively direct and keep their focus, while fueling their enthusiasm through encouragement. She takes the time to tailor each lesson for each individual, helping them (for example) notate the melody of the Star Wars theme. She's a trained and experience pedagogue, and has attended Suzuki and other teacher trainings.

Caitlin's dedication to her own musical learning is impressive-- she attends and teaches workshops for percussion often, and is actively involved in the SLC music and arts community.
Anna C. September 22, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Caitlin is absolutely amazing!! My 6 year old is super excited to attend every lesson with her. She is the best instructor we've had. She knows how to encourage her students and help them fall in love with the instrument. We enjoy her friendliness and professionalism. Also she is great at working with special needs kids. Thanks Caitlin for all you do!! I highly recommend her.
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Caitlin A.

Caitlin A.

Salt Lake City, UT 84106
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$30 / 30-min

About Richard W.

Provo, UT

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I played piano for Brigham Young University's Dance Department for 7 years - sight reading or playing without any music for Ballet and Modern Dance classes. I think sight reading is one of the best piano skills to have because you can play whatever you want in a fraction of the time. So my goal is to get students there. Most people aren't looking to become concert pianists, and my goal isn't that. It's to help them play well enough to really enjoy it and be very satisfied with their progress.

About Richard
My goal is to help students ENJOY the piano by finding ways to make it easier and doable. I have a very useful approach in helping students become self sufficient to sight read very well, to see patterns, understand music theory to either help them play well, or to even create their own music(I compose a lot of great music as well)

I couldn't sight read very well until I was 16, but I had a great sight reading teacher that showed me how to develop it, and now I can say that I'm one of the best sight readers out there that I know. I was a ballet pianist at Brigham Young University for
several years where all I did was sightread binders full of ballet/classical music. I play for choirs, church congregations, jazz bands, or musical jam sessions all the time, and I couldn't do that at all if I didn't learn how to sight read well. I would love to help you learn the piano, and I will do my best to make learning as effective as possible. I especially enjoy teaching those who quit and would like to try again, because I know what that is like.

Concerning my musical background, I've played, arranged, and composed piano for choirs, bands, jazz combos, singers. I've been in bands all my life, and have composed for jazz bands, choirs, and orchestras at BYU and in Eastern Europe. I also play about 10 different instruments, 5 being fairly basic, and 5 fairly proficient.
Cesar May 23, 2017
· Japanese · Online
Kumiko May 22, 2017
· English · Online
Richard is an excellent English teacher. His teaching style is very creative and fun. He is also very friendly and helpful. He tailors lessons to fit my need and I've learned a lot already in the first five classes. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of learning English.
Randy C. May 17, 2017
· Piano · Online
Very helpful, and gets me through every song!
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Richard W.

Richard W.

Provo, UT 84606
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$25 / 30-min

About Michelle H.

Springville, UT

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Michelle integrates music theory, musicianship, and practice/performance techniques into lessons. She believes that good technique is the best foundation and true art is built from that.
Michelle has four programs to choose from: "Wunderkeys" for beginners ages 4-6; a track for a primary emphasis on music theory and composition; "Piano Marvel" for kids who still need to realize they do want to play piano; and a track for traditional classical piano.

About Michelle
Michelle H. is a classical pianist located in Springville, Utah. She has accompanied people and played solos in church and collegiate concerts, as well as judged at the Northern Utah Valley and Juab piano festivals in Utah. She obtained an Associate’s of Science in Music at Snow College in 2016 and continues her musical education, currently studying with Ammon Bratt.
Ammon December 21, 2016
· Classical Piano · In home
Michelle is a brilliantly expressive pianist and so great to work with! She is always full of great insights, and always seems to know what to do to make a passage of music have a little more of that special "magic"! I find her to be always quick to solve problems and she really knows her material. She has a great personality, is always positive, very organized, and on time. I look forward to continuing to work with her!
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Michelle H.

Michelle H.

Springville, UT 84663
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$15 / 30-min

About Rebekah B.

Springville, UT

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Having taught piano lessons before, my continuous goal is to teach students to learn the piano with fun and purposeful lessons. I will teach them at their speed or rate of the student; however, I will encourage the student to push harder each week to accomplish musical abilities and understanding. Lessons are given in a clean and germ free environment. I will hold recitals so that the students can learn performance skills.

About Rebekah
I love teaching! I am a music minor graduate from BYU. I grew up playing the cello, violin, and piano. I took lessons with those instruments as well as voice lessons during my college years. I also participated in the BYU Women's Chorus. I taught piano as a student piano teacher in high school, but had other jobs during college. If I calculate all the experience I have in various musical instruments, that experience would equal 45 years. During lessons, I allow my students to be "Teacher" for a day to understand their retention. They have so much fun with that! I also give out candy during the
lesson and I have a point system to at which they will be rewarded with a prize.
Elishia March 1, 2017
· Violin · In studio
Rebekah is so patient with my little one. She goes at my little one's pace with lots of encouragement and just enough challenge to keep her interested. She takes the time to find and create appropriate materials for my little one. We love Rebekah and our daughter looks forward to her violin lessons each week.
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Rebekah B.

Rebekah B.

Springville, UT 84663
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$15 / 20-min

About Raevyn J.

Herriman, UT

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Raevyn is an advocate and a model of thriving in a musical environment during early stages of development; her mother taught educational subjects through song and rhymes of which she excelled. With Raevyn’s understanding of music, she has actively established herself as a helpful musician in the community. Succeeding in competitions and participating in ensembles, as well as being an accomplished accompanist, Raevyn has a broad experience in musical stewardship.

About Raevyn
Hi! My name is Raevyn Johnson and I am a student at the University of Utah studying piano performance under Jeffrey Price. This is my fifth year of teaching piano and I have been taking piano lessons now for thirteen years. I have fallen more in love with teaching the art of piano as my experience grows and this has led me to take part in an internship at Washington Elementary in the SLC area in 2015 as well as I currently teach private lessons alongside the piano preparatory division at the University of Utah. As my experience and knowledge grows, so does my love of teaching and sharing piano
as an art form with my amazing students.
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Raevyn J.

Raevyn J.

Herriman, UT 84096
starting at
$18 / 30-min

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