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Learning Piano in San Antonio

by Andrew F. - San Antonio piano teacher (

It is an exciting time for the music scene in San Antonio. Over the past several years, there has been a perceptible growth in the collective promotion of the arts -- music included. Throughout the year, residents and visitors of San Antonio enjoy music on stages of many sizes at events such as concerts, local shows, and open mics.

Fortunately for piano players in the San Antonio area, this instrument is arguably one of the most universal of all the instruments; therefore, you’re sure to find a place that fits your preferred style of piano, whether that’s jazz, classical, or something else. Below are places and events I believe provide wonderful opportunities to get exposed to live music as you’re taking piano lessons in San Antonio!

Local Music Venues If you are a blues or a jazz piano player, Luna and Sam’s Burger Joint are great places to see soulful artists play live shows. These places offer a vibrant setting for grooving music that will make you move! The Mix is a great place for artists -- local and beyond -- to play shows for a welcoming crowd. The stage is a cleared space for bands to give their shows, with the crowd only a couple of feet away. This allows for a close-knit experience with the performing bands. Lastly, Fitzgerald’s Bar and Live Music is a perfect place for local artists to gather to play covers and originals. The above local music venues, with the exception of Sam’s Burger Joint, are for adult crowds. However, these are places where young piano players can someday begin their journey of playing live music!

College and University Performances At most of the colleges and universities in San Antonio there are music events performed by students, faculty, and guest musicians. You may find music programs including piano recitals, orchestra concerts, jazz ensemble concerts, and more. Feel free to try to connect with the musicians afterwards. You can gain insight and the experience will contribute to your motivation to keep playing! Here are links for music event calendars of three universities and a local community college:

The University of Texas at San Antonio: Trinity University: The University of the Incarnate Word: San Antonio College:

San Antonio Symphony Also, classical piano players can find inspiration at concerts of the San Antonio symphony. The orchestra’s repertoire includes piano concertos and, since the early 2010s, each year there is a festival devoted to a chosen composer’s works. Festivals so far have included performances of piano works of composers such as Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Every season, there are sure to be concerts that will feed your passions as you’re taking piano lessons in San Antonio! Here is a link to the the symphony’s website:

Local Festivals Undoubtedly, one the best parts of the year in San Antonio occurs in April, when Fiesta is celebrated. Throughout the city, many places host official Fiesta events, including musical performances. At events such as A Night in Old San Antonio and the Oyster Bake, you can hear many types of music, including jazz, Tejano, classical, rock, and pop -- all of which include the piano! Another notable festival, Jazz’SAlive, occurs every fall. This festival brings together local and regional jazz artists as well as nationally recognized jazz artists for a weekend's worth of good food and fun! Another option is the Texas Folklife Festival, which occurs every summer at the Institute of Texan Cultures. This two-day event includes seven stages for dance and music performances and brings more than 40 cultures together. Be a part of local festivals throughout the year! Here is a link to help you stay informed of upcoming festivals and events in San Antonio:

Local Restaurants The Cove, Tycoon Flatts, and Olmos Pharmacy are just a few of the many restaurants in town that offer live music. This is another kind of opportunity for local musical artists to showcase their covers and original songs. The lively atmosphere of each restaurant is perfect for families and friends who are looking to enjoy good food while supporting local artists and guest artists. Once you feel that you are ready to play live, go out there and contact local restaurants to see if they are looking for people to play music!

In the meantime, check out all of the shows and events that catch your interest. There is a force in everybody that helps them maintain their motivation to continue doing an activity. For piano players, it is helpful to fuel our motivation by immersing ourselves in the world of music where the piano shines. As you continue your piano lessons in San Antonio and as you develop your skills, I encourage you to become a part of the growing music scene!

About Tim K.

Schertz, TX

View Full Profile

I have taught beginning piano to students ranging from five to 80 years old. For my younger students I use the Faber Piano Adventures series. For my adult pupils I use the Alfred Adult Beginner course.

About Tim (William)
My name is Tim and I live in Schertz, Texas. I hold a BM and a BME from UTSA and an MM from Texas State. I also studied drama for 3 years at Trinity University. I have been a music teacher for 26 years. I have taught elementary music, secondary choir and college level music courses. I have performed in operas, musicals and plays in San Antonio and I have sung at Carnegie Hall in New York. I studied voice with Herald Stark and guitar with David Underwood. I have led a professional singing group and a professional dance troupe. I have composed choral music which has been performed in San Anton
io and entered into international competitions. I have spent years learning techniques to help students sing in tune and learn how to read music. I have experience teaching students of all ages from 3 year olds to adults. I teach students from Northeast San Antonio, Selma, Schertz, Live Oak, Universal City, Cibolo, Bracken, Garden Ridge, Converse, Marion, Seguin and New Braunfels.

*** Lesson Details ***
For my younger guitar students, I use the Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners series. This book includes a CD to help the student practice at home. For my older guitar students I use a progressive guitar curriculum of my own creation.

For my voice students I use Pathways of Song, Hall Johnson Spirituals, 24 Italian Songs and Arias, Alfred's Folk Songs for Solo Singers, Carl Fisher's The Young Singer series as well as song materials based upon the student's personal interests, such as arts songs and Broadway show tunes.

For my piano students I use the Piano Adventures series by Nancy and Randall Faber and the Alfred Piano Series. Music reading, ear training and theory is part of my instruction. With daily practice you will see a noticeable improvement in musicianship, aural skills and music-reading ability.

I am also an experienced tutor. I have worked with students of all ages and with various learning differences. I have tutored students in reading, writing, math, social studies, ESL and test preparation.

Through online instruction, I am available around the clock and around the globe for tutoring and music lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, classical and folk guitars
My home studio has glass doors through which one may observe the lesson.

*** Travel Equipment ***
2 guitars

*** Specialties ***
Classical guitar, operatic singing, folksongs, spirituals, music reading, solfege, ear training and sight-singing
Michael R. March 19, 2017
· Guitar · In home
My first lesson, i haven't had any other instructors, so it is hard to say best instructor ever. I was nervous about what to expect, but the lesson went well. Tim is skilled and makes it easy to learn. Aside from my sweating from nerves and unsureness, i feel it was a great lesson and will be going back for more.
Nathanael E. January 6, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Tim was very knowledgable and patient with my son.
Tuana T. November 4, 2016
· Piano · In studio
He makes sure the student understand first before he goes further
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Tim K.

Tim K.

Schertz, TX 78154
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Miriam L.

San Antonio, TX

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I can teach from beginner levels to late intermediate and help in preparation for early advanced levels.

About Miriam
My name is Miriam and I've been teaching piano since 2003 to young students starting from age 4 to teenagers.

I began studying music in the 6th grade playing clarinet in the band until I entered college at Texas A&M International University, where I studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Music with a minor in Studio Art. I am classified a senior and I plan to complete my Bachelor's Degree as soon as I am able to resume my education.

Piano has always been a passion of mine. I would teach myself to play popular classics until I was able to take private piano lessons with Dr. Fritz Gechte
r at Texas A&M International University. Since then, I have taught at several music studios and privately at students' homes.

I am always eager to share my experience and knowledge in music with children or young students who are looking to learn and have fun.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a friendly and very patient instructor. I like using Alfred's Basic Piano Library books for students at the beginner level.

For those at the intermediate level, I use Hanon's "The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises" and assign pieces from classical composers to modern artists, depending on the style of music the student is looking to learn.

By 3-6 months, I expect my students to know basic piano techniques, including fingerings, music notes, rhythms, and major scales apart from assigned musical repertoire.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The lessons are taught in a studio room inside the instructor's apartment on a full-size digital piano and seating is available.

*** Specialties ***
Classical, contemporary - anything the student is yearning to learn.
Gabby K. April 28, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Really good with my 12 yr old...very patient and very attentive during the lesson. ..would recommend her for all ages!
Rick G. October 29, 2014
· Piano ·
Miriam teaches my 6 year old daughter. She is great with kids and my daughter is progressing very quickly. I would recommend Miriam to students of all ages. She is great!
Augustine A. September 25, 2012
· ·
Piano lesson

Worked on: Knowing the keyboard; naming the keys/playing, fingers placement/positioning, whole note, half note, and quarter note. Grand Staff, Time Signature, Whole Rest & Quarter Rest.
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Miriam L.

Miriam L.

San Antonio, TX 78217
starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Neil D.

Boerne, TX
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* Finally, a comprehensive instrumental course for students of all ages and experience levels that includes:

- Information on brands, supplies, and guidance with professional organizations

- Weekly lessons to develop and improve skills with proper finger placement, dexterity, warm-up repertoire, dynamics, rhythmic meters, and more!

- Music theory (includes music history topics) with emphasis on technology and composition

- Maintenance and repair tips

- Advanced techniques: Pedal techniques, ornamentation, improvising, world music styles, etc.

- Chamber music (accompaniment) to prepare for public performances

About Neil
I am a music educator of 12 years: I have taught both middle school band and choir to at-risk youth, as well as elementary music at a private Christian academy. My principal instrument is the saxophone (which I began playing in 1990), and I play many other instruments. As for my formal education: I received the Bachelor of Music Education degree in 2005 from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and the Master of Music Education degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA, 2010).

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal is to create life-long musicians...
I focus on the needs an
d interests of my students, thereby representing all musical genres and including all cultures.
My lessons are structured into activities that incorporate various aspects of music appreciation:
Music theory, music history, music technology, performance practice, etc. (making such lessons comprehensive)

*** Studio Equipment ***
As a musician of 26 years, I believe it is the "musician that makes the instrument", and not the other way around. That is, I do not believe it is necessary to purchase the 'top' brand for your instrument in order to achieve the desired sound. Frequent practice builds skills and results in the desired tones people wish to hear.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I always bring my instrument, metronome, tuner, music stand and stand for my instrument, including lesson materials and supplies.
I expect students to obtain a metronome and to always have their music folder (with ALL music etc.) available for lessons.

*** Specialties ***
All genres, all styles & all cultures! I teach students of all ages--mostly at my home studio, but I also travel to students' homes, churches, and, as an alternative during the Summer only, I am willing to meet with students in the Practice Rooms in the Fine Arts Building at UTSA.
Cameron January 23, 2017
· Flute · In studio
First lesson was great! He's very organized. Good with kids too.
John E. April 16, 2016
· Flute · In home
I had my first lesson with Neil, so far so great. He is a good teacher and takes pride in his work. He is thorough and seeks to enhance my knowledge.
Justin O. February 2, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio
Excellent first lesson and introduction to the saxophone. Looking forward to future lessons.
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Neil D.

Neil D.

Boerne, TX 78015
starting at
$33.50 / 30-min

About Michael K.

San Antonio, TX
View Full Profile

Piano is a great instrument to start learning the musical language on! Great for anyone at any point in their life. I can help find repertoire for a student any skill level- Old Mac Donald to Op.33 in G minor by Rachmaninov.

If you're child is 5 years old and you think they would enjoy piano, send 'em over!

If you are 80 and have been wanting to play the piano... come on over!

If you've been playing for several years and just want someone to help develop your skills, let's do it!

And of course... if you're into jazz, let's swing.

About Michael
Hello! I'm Michael. Music has been 'my thing' since I found a guitar in my Mom's closet at age 9 and didn't move until figured out "Mary Had A Little Lamb". That's the curiosity I try to instill in my students! Although I started playing trumpet and guitar in elementary school, my music education at University of Texas in SA opened up musical doors I never knew existed! Currently I teach trumpet, guitar, piano, drums and saxophone, ages 6 to 45, as well as play trumpet around town when the sun goes down. I passionately emphasize music reading ability, improv techniques through jazz studies, an
d a solid music theory foundation- no matter what age you are!!!

Every lesson, concepts are reviewed and emphasized, then we crawl forward through new music, discussing the technique and theory of every piece we play. I've accumulated an expansive library of teaching material to create a very diverse path when exploring the wonderful world of music. I always try to include a classical piece and a jazz piece in the repertoire. Popular music and original compositions are fun encouraged too!
Whatever your idea of music is, we will build on it, playing pieces you want to play!

A variety of instruments are at our disposal here in the studio, including...

Piano & electric keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet & cornet, clarinet, flute, upright acoustic bass, 7-piece drum set & auxiliary percussion.

The house is very friendly and comfortable, great with children and families. Lots of natural light! There's a large front porch patio to relax on while you wait with a good book, or you can hang out inside with the siblings watching something on Netflix. I'll even give you the Wifi password ;)
Daniel A. July 23, 2016
· Piano · In studio
My son doesn't talk much, but that challenge doesn't take away from Michael being a great instructor. My son loves his piano lessons and is learning so much.
Dana June 24, 2016
· Guitar · In home
My daughter (11) has really enjoyed her guitar lessons with Michael! She likes that he is patient, encouraging, and fun. He has helped her improve songs that she had previously learned on her own, giving her guidance and techniques that make them so much better. We happily recommend Michael.
Yuko N. October 8, 2015
· Piano · In studio
He is so enthusiastic tearching piano. He answers me anything I asked and try to not overwhelming me too. So nice.
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Michael K.

Michael K.

San Antonio, TX 78212
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Andrew F.

San Antonio, TX

View Full Profile

After understanding a student's level and what their interests with piano are, I help the student pick a song or a piece to use for lessons that is according to those interests. After a student gains a good understanding of playing a song or a piece, I like to go over ways to change the dynamics (rhythm and note alterations) of the music to explore other kinds of expression through the piano. With this approach, my students may learn to bring logic (technique, scales, theory) and feeling (how the music is played) together. It is also a great introduction to improvisation.

I go over improvisation with students, if desired. This includes such concepts as playing comfortably with both hands, creating melodies, exploring the use of various scales and voice leading. Lastly, if desired, I can include singing in the lessons!

About Andrew
I have experience working with people individually and in groups, as an undergrad Psychology intern, a cognitive skills trainer, a counseling student, an adjunct instructor and an academic coach. As an undergrad intern, I worked with elementary school children as a tutor and a mentor. As a counseling student, I have worked with various populations, from grade school students (grades 4-8; making healthier choices) to adults (stress, anxiety, career decisions, bereavement, etc.) to older adults in hospice care. I have facilitated psycho-educational groups with individuals suffering from a mental
illness as well. Lastly, I worked with college students at a local university as an academic coach. In this role, I helped students process concerns and create goals regarding developing time management skills, coping strategies for anxiety, study skills, information processing and motivation. These experiences have helped me gain a continually growing understanding of facilitating the learning process with individuals and with groups.

I teach student development classes (critical thinking, motivation theory, study strategies, time management, stress management, etc.) at a local community college, I teach a learning and development class (with a focus on adolescents) at a local university, and I work as an academic coach at another local university.

As the information above may suggest, I hold education to such a high, passionate regard. It is what promotes a healthy, well-informed society. As an auto-didactic learner, I believe that everyone has the ability to learn anything one desires. It is a matter of how one approaches it. Therefore, my approach is one that is peculiar to each of the individuals I work with. With so many possible goals, I strive to be as flexible as possible to work towards ones specific to each individual I work with regarding the various services I offer. I present concepts with the idea that the combination of experience, discourse and meaning-making is the key to learning. With an aversion towards cookie-cutter approaches, I maintain an open mind to my invariably evolving approach of sharing knowledge and insight with others. This comes with my continual seeking of growth in the art of teaching with consideration of the process of learning.

Further, I strive to create a warm, positive atmosphere that allows one to feel comfortable with making mistakes, with making progress and with being themselves. Fundamentally, this is my approach to working with people. I believe everyone should do what they love- nothing short of that. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of one's process of pursuing any of the areas of interest in which I offer insight and guidance.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING: Using my insight gained as a counseling student, I am happy to offer my personal development coaching service. In this role, I help individuals develop their path of change, making sure motivation and focus is well-maintained. I provide a judgment-free and understanding atmosphere for one to reflect and process concerns as well as work towards making personal changes (e.g. self-actualization, career, anxiety management, lifestyle, life changes) from an existential perspective. I believe that such a space should be available for everyone, so I am especially happy to provide it.

My approach to personal development coaching is based on my therapeutic orientation called Gestalt Therapy (GT). The underlying idea of GT is that awareness is the key initiator of change. Awareness allows one to discern where such things as anxiety, unhappiness, ambivalence, etc. stem from. I believe that it is important for every human being to go through such a process so that peace and awareness within brings peace and awareness to the outer world. I am inspired by and influenced by the ideas of Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology- particularly the Psychological Types) and Carl Rogers (Client-Centered Therapy). I help facilitate the process in a genuinely humane, empathic and professional manner. If interested, please, see the details I have provided under Life Coaching. I work with grade school students and adults. I am absolutely loyal to the idea of confidentiality; therefore, I ensure that information of anybody I work with is not at risk of being shared with a third party.

STUDY SKILLS/ACADEMIC COACHING: Using my passion for education and my insight gained in my couple of years (so far) immersed in the world of education, I help students (grade school and college) develop areas of their academic life needing improvement. As suggested above, I help students develop time management, coping strategies for anxiety, study skills, information processing and motivation. Though it is a valuable tool, it is presently not a service that is offered at most colleges in the area.

MUSIC: My experience during the pursuit of my minor in Music helped me build a foundation of knowledge of music theory and music pedagogy. During two semesters, I took private guitar lessons. Then, I took private piano lessons for three semesters. I took the opportunity to perform during weekly recitals throughout each semester. Taking private lessons with a few instructors was beneficial towards helping me see various approaches to teaching music. Further, I was in choir for five semesters. Aside from giving private lessons, I presently teach a beginner ukulele class at a community education center. At times during a lesson, I like to have jams with students to apply concepts, to promote creativity and to encourage performance. Keep in mind that my focus is mainly with beginners.

WRITING: As a lover of reading and writing, I understand the value of expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas. As a writer, my focus is on creative writing (mostly short stories presently) and essays. Given my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences, I have written many academic papers, mostly in APA style. I edit and revise papers as well as help individuals develop their writing voice, develop their ideas, develop an approach to structuring writing, maintain consistency with writing and provide genuine feedback. Beyond that, my help with writing is limited to the goals of the the individual.

TWO IMPORTANT THINGS: I strive to maintain a positive collaboration with those I work with. I believe this is one of the most important parts of the process. Also, I promote the idea of Soul. To me, Soul is any sincere display of passion. With Soul, we perform in a most genuine and graceful way. I personally believe that whether one is playing the piano, writing a story, living life, singing, giving a speech or anything (necessarily peaceful), one should do it with Soul.

*I put my availability for 30 minutes on Wednesdays so that I may show up on your TakeLessons search; this is NOT necessarily a representation of my availability. Before booking with me, we can discuss your preferred meeting time and I'd be happy to look into working out a time with you.*

LASTLY, I am open to: Going beyond my travel radius, at an agreed-upon adjusted rate; working with multiple students, at an agreed-upon adjusted rate; meeting at a public place that is convenient, if it is preferred; and meeting at a student's location, depending on the preferred time and the distance.

I mentioned everything that is above so that it may be known and understood. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions about any of the services I provide, my approach or anything!

A TakeLessons blog I have published:

Justine J. June 14, 2016
· Piano · In home
Very professional, friendly and informative. Andrew is patient and keeps my daughter interested. Thank you Andrew for making piano lessons for my daughter the best experience ever!
Katherine Booth January 5, 2016
· Singing · In studio
Andrew is very patient and friendly
Ryan Ragels December 28, 2015
· Singing · In studio
I have to give Andrew 5 stars for the first lesson. He really cares about meeting goals specific to the person he is teaching. He started out with some basic exorcises that I can do at home and then we talked about how the lessons can be structured in the future for what I think I need to improve. He was very nice and I highly recommend him!
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Andrew F.

Andrew F.

San Antonio, TX 78201
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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