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Microsoft PowerPoint with Victoria M.

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 5+
Speaks Spanish
Teaching since 2017
MBA- Finance & Entrepreneurship

    Design Stunning*Dynamic*Impressive PPT Presentations from an MBA Instructor

    Victoria's Microsoft PowerPoint lessons are uniquely tailored to leverage her extensive experience in the corporate world, particularly in industries like banking, entertainment, and technology. Her MBA background, coupled with her expertise in finance and entrepreneurship, allows her to infuse each lesson with real-world relevance and professional insights. Her teaching approach is hands-on and interactive, designed to make PowerPoint more than just a tool for creating presentations, but a platform for storytelling and impactful communication. Victoria's lessons go beyond basic functionalities, delving into advanced features like custom animations, data integration, and effective design principles tailored for different audience types. Each lesson is structured to cater to the varied needs of learners, whether they are professionals seeking to enhance their presentation skills in the workplace or students aiming to make compelling academic presentations. Victoria's expertise in teaching ESL adds an additional layer of clarity and understanding, making her lessons accessible to a diverse range of learners. Victoria's PowerPoint classes are a blend of theory and practice. Students learn not only how to use the software but also the art of presentation - how to engage an audience, convey messages clearly, and leave a lasting impact. Her classes cover creating pr