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Calligraphy with Toshi M.

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The Beauty Of Traditional Japanese Calligraphy "SHODO"

⛱🏝☀️💖 Summer Discount! Limited Time Offer! Don't Miss Out! ⛱🏝☀️💖 Calm your mind and find inner peace by understanding the philosophy and art of traditional Japanese writing. Japanese calligraphy is one of the most well-known and popular of the traditional arts of Japan. It’s called shodō (書道) in Japanese, which literally means the way of writing. Shodō has a very long history. However, it’s still practiced today and it’s a popular class in school, from elementary school to university. 🏯 Shodō is closely linked to Zen Buddhism and is influenced by its ideas and values. Japanese calligraphy goes far beyond simply writing characters or words. The key to true calligraphy is to bring the mind and soul into the work and to write with your heart, otherwise, it’s meaningless. The calligrapher only has one chance, since the brush strokes can’t be corrected. To express a deep meaning, the work must show the emotions, personality, and passion of the artist. It is also said that the way of writing is the path to enlightenment. To write Zen calligraphy the mind must be clear, and the characters flow out effortlessly. This state of mind is called mushin (無心), and means “consciousness without consciousness”. When practicing Japanese calligraphy, you should clear your mind and focus only on the meaning of the words you write. 🇯🇵 Toshi shows how this practice can connect body, mind, spirit, and brush to flow through ink and paper. Learn how to gravitate between the practical aspect of calligraphy and its spiritual component. As Toshi firmly believes, this process allows your inner peace to translate into anything you create. Begin by getting to know Toshi. As a seasoned calligrapher and artist, his focus lies in teaching his students to concentrate on their inner Qi (energy flow) with every brushstroke. Discover the wide range of influences and inspirations which have shaped his style. Learn the background and essentials of Shodo, and how it intertwines with mushin, meditative clarity of the mind. Toshi teaches all of the essential calligraphy stroke systems and techniques. Before painting, learn to release tension in both the body and mind using guided meditation and becoming aware of your inner Qi. After warming up physically and spiritually, practice basic Shodo brush strokes while continuing to channel your energy flow from your body, through the ink, and onto paper. Next, draw the calligraphy characters that represent “Sincere heart.” Toshi guides you step by step through the setup and technique. Then, practice seisho, which is clear, transparent calligraphy that must be done with mushin, a clear mind. 🌸 Requirements and materials 🌸 No previous experience or knowledge of calligraphy and Shodo is necessary. You need a calligraphy brush, an inkstone, an ink stick, ink liquid, and calligraphy paper. At the beginning of the class, Toshi describes the materials and gives you recommendations on where to find them. ( You need to purchase, Toshi will send you an Amazon link total cost of $30-$40) ⭐️ The brush (筆, fude) is usually made of bamboo with bristles made from animal hair. There are thin and thick brushes and the width of the character you’ll write decides which type you’ll use. ⭐️ Ink (墨, sumi) is a dry stick form. There are also liquid ink types. The black ink used in calligraphy is made of pine tree soot. ⭐️ Calligraphy paper (和紙, washi) is made of mulberry fibers, which are tougher than normal wood pulp paper. ⭐️ An inkstone (硯, suzuri) is used, with water, to grind the ink stick. You use it in a way that is similar to when painting with watercolors. Toshi started practicing Shodo at the age of five under the creative supervision of his grandmother, a distinguished SUMI calligrapher. Later he began to take lessons at a Sumi SHODO calligraphy school. His passion for learning and teaching SHODO and the interest in developing the effective method of teaching this beautiful form of art has always been expanding. Since then, Toshi's love for Japanese calligraphy inspired him to get involved in other Japanese traditions and started to study Sado(Japanese tea ceremony) as well. 🍵 Japanese calligraphy is a millennia-old art that still exists today, reflecting Japanese culture and aesthetics. Being one of the most popular and important traditional art forms, it’s a popular cultural activity that you’ll have the opportunity to experience in many of his language courses and his JLPT study course, too. 💖 Toshi deeply cares for and wants to help every student.

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About Toshi M.

Welcome! 😃👋🏻 My name is Toshi M. I was born in Hiroshima City and raised in Tokyo, Japan. 🌟 One on One Lessons via Online ( Zoom) (Group Lessons available for more than 3 people.) requires all group lesson students to sign up and purchase for their lessons separately. ⚠️Please read my entire page including the Cancellation, reschedule, and late policy carefully before purchasing lessons⚠️ 🌟 I teach basic through advanced Japanese. Conversation, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Hearing, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji (symbols), Grammar, Vocabulary. Any level of JLPT prep ( N5, N4, N3, N2, N1) AP Japanese Language and culture, Accent Reduction For the Japanese Language. Accent Neutralization course. Business Japanese, Japanese Word beautification, Gender differences in spoken Japanese, Proper and Casual conversations, Japanese Polite, Humble and honorific language, and Respectful verbs. Animatic expressions, Slangs, Internet Slangs, Shortened Words, English Made in Japan ( Wasei- eigo), Onomatopoeia, Rough Expressions, Verb Conjugation, Interjections, Exclamations, Speech style Japanese, Nowadays the Japanese Language, etc! ㊙️ I Teach Standard Japanese Neutral Accent (With Tokyo Accent) Japan’s every city has dialects. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Most Television shows, newscasters, radio, etc Japan’s entertainment business-speak standard Tokyo accent. But Today, it is the form taught in schools, used in official communication. Yes, Standard Japanese is the primary language taught in schools and used in all official matters. There is a main distinction between the different Japanese dialects. They are divided into two major types: the Tokyo-type and the Kyoto or Osaka type. As you can probably guess, it is a division based on the northern and the southern dialects. Thus, there are numerous subdivisions shaped in each particular region. So, Japanese people came from southern Japan and northern Japan, their dialects are different. They don't understand their language with each other at all. Then, they have to speak standard Japanese to each other. So I think you should learn standard Japanese with the Tokyo accent not just because I am from Tokyo.I will teach you to real natural standard Japanese with the Tokyo accent. 📚 TEXTBOOK: I usually don't use textbooks, it's because enriching customizes class for all students. but all depend on the student's levels, goals, situations. If you want to learn with textbooks, we can do that, too. ( Cost $5-$30) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My tutoring policy is not just simply to teach the Japanese language as a Japanese. No, I always want to teach students more than the language. If you are interested in the Japanese traditions as well as the language and traditions, then that is a good start for learning. Fun, interest, and enjoyment are the best tools for learning with my tutoring. You will not only be able to speak Japanese, but you will grasp the traits of the Japanese language, traditions, history, culture, and, most importantly, the uniquely Japanese styles of courtesy and customs simultaneously! I teach practical Japanese so you can communicate and exchange proper responses with real Japanese with a sense of natural smooth conversation. My teaching method varies depending on the student's level. 🌟 Are you struggling? Perhaps you went to a Japanese language school, but when you saw Japanese anime or movies you still did not understand? Then you wondered WHY didn't you? After all, you paid so much money for school! Here is the answer: most of the schools are not teaching true and complete Japanese! Yes, they are teaching proper Japanese very well. but it only works for some tests like a JLPT or speaking at work. Limited situations. 🌟 The SECRET is that Japanese people do not speak proper Japanese all the time. They usually speak casual, informal, broken, omitted, slang Japanese when they are talking with friends and family, and also there are gender differences in spoken Japanese! Japanese movies and anime cartoons, manga, are mostly stories of friends and family, NOT stories of formal work. That is why you need to know proper and polite Japanese and casual, informal, broken, omitted, slang Japanese. The Japanese culture and language have customs and orders which you must know and understand completely! I teach both of these structures at the same time. You need to know when and how to change and switch from proper verbs to casual, informal verbs, and then you will begin to understand the Japanese anime and movies, dramas. Then it will help you to enjoy your favorite entertainment! I am very strong in teaching proper Japanese, including reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. If you are only interested in JLPT Training (any level) or AP Japanese Language and Culture, we can certainly work with that. ⭐️ However, I also teach business Japanese, mastering speech styles from polite, humble and honorific, super polite language, and respectful verbs. This is necessary for improving your personal and business relations! I am here to assist you! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, I can tutor you in private lessons on your computer. I give a fun lesson and work to teach the precise and gentle true Japanese way in a friendly and open-minded one-on-one session or group lessons via Zoom. I believe you will find everything you need because I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations, and with a variety of offerings to choose from, I am sure you will be happy working with me! 🌟 I also teach ORIGAMI (Japanese art of paper folding), Japanese Calligraphy, how to make SUSHI, and how to hold the Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony, How to make healthy Japanese foods. I can give you information about J-POP. anime, drama, and traditional Japanese songs as well. We can have fun with those, too. If you would like to have a lesson once per week or twice per week, let's discuss the possibilities! I do not usually set up a specific 10-hour or 20-hour lesson plan, because it all depends on the student's level. You can let me know if you want to continue or not anytime! Let's go from there! If you have any questions about my tutoring, please feel free to contact me through 🔴 Cancellation, reschedule and late, termination, other policy 🔴 ⚠️ Class cancellations and rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance before the scheduled lesson. If you do not reach me within 24-hours. you will be charged for the lesson. (You must contact me 24 hours in advance or else you will be charged for the lesson. It does not matter what the reason is.) For example, your lesson schedule is on Tuesday at 2 pm, your cancelation or reschedule deadline is Monday at 1:59 pm. Respect for each other time. ⚠️ You must purchase your lessons 24 hours in advance. If I do not receive your payment within that time frame, TakeLessons will automatically remove you from my calendar. So, make sure every lesson is paid for 24 hours in advance! It's a reserve of my time. For example, your schedule is on Wednesday at 2 pm, your payment deadline is Tuesday at 1:59 pm. If you missed a payment more than three-time, your schedule is removed from my calendar automatically. No longer able to take my class. Please be responsible, reliable and respect for each other’s time. ⚠️ End a session. if a learner becomes inappropriate. However, foul language, threats, wearing an inappropriate outfit, and/or other behaviors that make me uncomfortable or disrespectful behaviors are not tolerated. I will let students know that I will end a session if the behavior continues to be inappropriate, and then follow through if necessary. Extreme behaviors, such as sexual acting out, bad attitude, should immediately result in ending a session. Report to the Takelessons incident in as much detail as possible, immediately after ending the session. You will be terminated without notice. ⚠️ If you cannot make your assigned lesson time for more than two weeks consecutively (for vacation, camp, or for any other reason) I will have to give your lesson time to another student. I work with many students from internationally and have a busy teaching schedule, which means that I cannot afford to hold a time slot with a student that cannot consistently show up for their lesson. If you would start lessons again, I ask that you please chose your preferred day and time from my availability, and then let me know when you want to start again. I will then put you in my schedule. ⚠️ If you are going to be late for your lesson, please contact me by text message before your scheduled class. If you are late 5 minutes or more to class (without prior notice), your lesson will be canceled, and you will be charged for the missed lesson. No refunds are given and you might be terminated from my calendar. 🚫🚫 Please note: if you signed up for lessons with me, you have agreed to my cancellation, reschedule, and termination, late policy. Also, please read The 24 Hour Golden Rule by
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My first session with Toshi was great, and I look forward to continue working with him in the future! We went over hiragana, their pronunciation, and the correct intonation of words. Toshi was both helpful and patient, as well as able to give clear responses to any of the questions I brought up. Overall, I would definitely recommend Toshi!
Posted Jun 7, 2024
My first lesson was great. I struggle in class and avoid problem words or difficult grammar because I don't want to hold up my class. It's great to be able to have someone patient to help in these areas and build my confidence.
Posted Jun 4, 2024
Nice lesson, as always. Toshi Sensei helped me with my Japanese pronunciation, which I always lack confidence in. We read novel together so he could correct my reading of words. We also practiced Japanese speaking by talking casually about things. I learn new things every time. Looking forward to our next session. Have a good one, Sensei!
Posted May 25, 2024



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