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Sella teaches: Females 8 and up
Males 0Males 0 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: November 2001
Last sign in: More than two months


We all need inspiration to start new projects. Sella is all about inspiring you to create stuff. There will be interesting projects ranging from sewing, cooking, gardening, tattooing, oil painting to beading. Sella’s instructions will help you bring your ideas to fruition.
Sella has been sewing from when she was nine years old. She is passionate about creating stuff. She loves to pass on her talents to others, especially kids. She has structured classes for kids and need-based classes for adults. There will be classes to help you turn any of your inspiration into reality.
Sella teaches at Michaels beading classes as well.

*** Lesson Details ***
Sewing Program Overview
Sewing is a skill that used to be traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. However, things are a lot different today than it used to be. Technology has impacted sewing as much as it has anything else. The machines that are available in the market today range from simple portable electrical machines to large computerized machines that can perform amazing tasks.
However, despite these strides made, sewing is one of those arts that continue to still be totally "hands on" meaning mass production is seldom possible.
Learning to sew can be fun and simple if we take one step at a time. My sewing program will help beginners understand where they need to start to learn to sew.

Beginner Classes

1. No experience necessary.
2. I provide machines for the first few classes.

Students learn about the sewing machine and various things it can do -- how to thread and operate it, how to sew seams and finishes, and, of course, everyone will construct and sew some fun basic items like pillow case, cushion cover with appliqu, apron, coasters etc.
My program is designed for children ages 8-16 and adults who have an interest in fashion design, sewing, and illustration.
My goal is to help kids take this “arts” seriously from an early age. I teach kids with the same discipline that I use in my adult classes. I want the children to have fun while learning skills they can take with them and use for a lifetime!

Intermediate Classes

This class is for students who have completed the Beginner Class or already have comparable sewing experience.
1. Students will have to bring their own machines.
2. All supplies are provided but basic cost will be charged.
Students will apply the skills and techniques learned in Beginner Sewing, and learn many more skills including, applying bias tape, sewing zipper, hemming, machine embroidery etc. Students will do lots of fun projects. Items created include wallets, bags, clutch purse, pencil pouch, tool kits, simple skirts etc.
After they complete about 20 intermediate projects, student will be given a test before they move on to the advanced class.

Advanced Classes

Students will be taking their existing sewing skills up a notch when they learn to sew an age-appropriate matching jacket and skirt. In addition to making a wearable products, students will expand their understanding of how garments are constructed. These projects will teach students many new skills and build confidence in their ability to sew more complicated fashion items!

In this class, students will learn how to turn a project idea into a finished item. Many new skills will be learned along the way, and students will leave with a basic understanding of a completely new fashion design concept. Students will learn how to make simple patterns, cut their fabric and sew their creations without guidance or supervision!

My mission would be accomplished when my students start making something for friends and family instead of shopping for gifts.

I have: Adult classes on Saturdays & Evenings. Kids classes on Saturdays & Sundays.

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Brittany Dec 14, 2015
· Sewing · In studio FINALLY found her!
I have been looking for someone to assist me in my journey of starting my own clothing line and learning to sew for over a year.
Sella is by far a very knowledgeable, kind, attentive instructor.
I have attended 2 lessons and I am excited for the things to come.
She is very talented, listens to my concerns or questions and provides knowledge for best methods, products, etc... You CANNOT go wrong with Sella, she is a lovely teacher!
Teresa C. Oct 9, 2015
· Sewing · In studio Sella is a great teacher, very professional, patient and kind. She is full of knowledge and answered every question I had. I enjoyed her class and excited about my next one.
mary O. Sep 28, 2015
· Sewing · In home Great instructor. Very encouraging.
lilly Sep 28, 2015
· Sewing · In home Nice pleasant teacher. Knowledgeable and willing to assist with goals.
Enjoyed lesson very much
Cait Sep 28, 2015
· Sewing With Sella · In studio I had a great first lesson with Sella. She is good at gauging your current skill level and then customizing a lesson plan based on what skills you need to learn and your end goal for sewing. She is patient and really sweet. I definitely recommend.
Valerie gagen G. Sep 24, 2015
· Sewing · In studio Sella is very knowledgeable about sewing and how to use a sewing machine and she has been patient and very kind with her instructions! I came to her not knowing a single thing and she has really help me advance quickly.
· Sewing · In home Sella is a very patient instructor. She allows me as much time as needed to "get" it before moving on to the next step. She is a very sweet lady and I plan to continue my classes with her.
Ganga M. Aug 3, 2015
· Sewing · In studio Sella teaches sewing with passion, patience and makes one comfortable with the job at hand. Her one-on-one lesson makes it easier to get the glitches clarified easily and complete attention to you helps sewing for beginners like me very easy.I would definitely recommend her!
Monica L. Aug 3, 2015
· Sewing With Sella · In studio Sella made it very my first sewing lesson a breeze. I felt pretty comfortable communicating with her and I am pretty positive she knows what she is doing. I would not mind continuing my growth process in sewing with Sella, as she is a good fit for my 'one-on-one' preferences/needs.
Vickie B. Aug 1, 2015
· Sewing · In studio Sella is an excellent instructor and I enjoyed her teaching style.
Sella Muthukumar
Sella M.