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Jason S.
Teaches Online
Learn to use Microsoft Excel with guidance from an instructor with over 30 years experience.
I've been offering Microsoft Excel training classes for over 30 years. I specialize in training beginners. I have a unique lesson plan that can teach you to become proficient with Microsoft Excel in just a few hours. Most of my clients learn the basics of Microsoft Excel in just two or three hours and are amazed by just how proficient they have become in such a short amount of time. However, I customize each training class to go at the learning speed of the client. So, we can go as fast or as slow as the client would like. Want to create a worksheet? Interested in learning to create a budget with charts? A dashboard with text, buttons, images, charts, and more? Want to learn to work faster and more efficiently by employing keyboard shortcuts? Send me a message to see how I can help you become proficient with Microsoft Excel!
About Jason S.

If you're wanting to learn a new application to land that dream job, wanting to become more advanced in using an application to earn that big promotion, or just wanting to learn how to use your new computer, I have the experience to help you to achieve your goal by teaching you to become proficient in using your Windows/Mac computer and your Microsoft Office for Windows/Mac applications including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I’ve been training individuals, small businesses, and corporate employees since 1985. We all have special skills, and my special skill is to be able to learn complex subjects and then break them down into easy-to-understand concepts in layman’s terms that anyone could understand. It has always been my passion to share my knowledge with others to help them achieve their educational goals. I'm very patient and I always pace my training classes at the learning speed of my clients - as fast or slow as they need to go so that they don't feel overwhelmed. I connect with all my clients remotely online, which is both convenient and safe. The training classes are interactive, so I use an application called Zoom, which is a Screen Sharing application that will allow you to share your screen and mouse with me so I can *show* you how to do something and then allow you to try it out on your end to make sure you’re actually able to use your newly learned skills. I would love to be the instructor that you choose for your training project. Please reach out to me, so that we can discuss exactly what you're wanting to get out of your training classes.

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