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Key Signatures Explained! - Music Theory Class

Key Signatures Explained! - Music Theory Class

Created by Molly M.
All ages
Key signatures are no longer a mystery (or a headache!) after this class! Molly M. will show you a few easy to remember tips and tricks to help you become a "key master"! Students that attend should be able to read the note names/pitches. Handouts for further study will be included.

Teaches Beginner

Teaching since 2002

Music, Drama , and Piano Instructor

Bachelor of Music- Vocal Performance

Neuro Vocal Method

Age: 5+

Speaks Italian

Has background check

Have you been told you are too old to sing? Not talented? Tone deaf? Singing is for EVERYONE, and I can prove it to you. You'll leave your first lesson feeling empowered . I am the teacher for singers who don't want a teacher to be teacher-y (but who still want to learn to sing good and stuff). I can teach you online (but you'll miss out on my ... Show More
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