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Bill L.

Bill L.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to learn programming whether you are a total newbie, or trying to change careers, but I have overcame these challenges myself and will guide you to overcome them too. I also have 10 years of tutoring experience to both children and adults alike. As a result, most of my students get comfortable with programming after 4-6 sessions, and become more independent in programming, being able to troubleshoot issues with their own code. For intermediate developers, I can tailor my lessons to your specific goals, and focus on more engineering topics, such as software architecture, design patterns, performance/efficiency/scalability considerations, and interacting with external components, such as hardware/networking/operating systems/databases. In addition, I can help with technical whiteboard interviews, having extensive experience on both sides of the interview table. I recommend just starting with a single 15-minute lesson to see if we are good fits for each other and start a roadmap to progress toward your goals! My rates is for a one-off session, so it is extremely negotiable if we work together regularly. I am a quant analyst in the HFT realm, so if trading stocks and options is something you are interested in, either as a casual side hobby project or for a career, let me know!
/15 mins
Joshua A.

Joshua A.

Note: I very strongly suggest sending a message before booking to make sure I can meet your needs in your lessons! Python is one of the most popular and valuable programming languages in the modern world. It can be used for everything from data analysis to game design. I've been coding since I was in grade school, and have developed everything from games to niche software tools. I offer lessons for beginner and intermediate Python programming. My approach to teaching Python focuses on keeping lessons engaging and fun, while ensuring lots of practice with the concepts taught. I am constantly developing my curriculum to find ways to improve understanding while keeping things interesting. There are two main paths I offer students: 1) Game Development -- A very fun way to learn to code! We start by writing 10 different text-based programs & games along with numerous smaller exercises to teach the fundamental concepts of Python, then graduate to drawing graphics on screen using PyGame. 2) Data & Productivity -- For those looking to add Python to their repertoire for professional reasons, we cover the fundamentals with an eye toward data analysis using libraries like Matplotlib and Pandas, as well as GUI development using Tkinter. I'm also happy to tutor alongside your existing coursework if you're currently enrolled in a Python class. I look forward to being your new Python teacher!
/30 mins
Christopher A.

Christopher A.

(NEW!) Enter the Machine Learning world with Tensor Flow and countless strategies to use AI to analyze the Stock Market for winning stocks and increase your percentage of success with investments! ===================================================== For the hardcore developers and scripters at heart. Python is a multiusage programming language that can be used to create "macros" or scripts that will accomplish tasks 1,000,000x faster than a person, as well as networking,gui interfacing,and countless api's to provide any Python developer the power to create and endless possibility of tools! This course provides a fundamental understanding of Python, the syntax, logical operators, and expands later to explore creating web spiders, filtering traffic, creating packets and recreating a popular networking tool called "NMap". This is an advanced course with advanced concepts and must be qualified for in order to be admitted.
/60 mins
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Amazing, very efficient. Very recommended.

David (Python lessons with Bill L.)

Joshua has worked great with my son. He explains coding in a way my 10 year old enjoys and understands. He seems to be organized and professional.

Natalia (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

My son and I were sorry to lose Joshua as a tutor. He was able to keep Roswell engaged in the material and fueled his curiosity.

Tom (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

Tawanna was clear in her instruction; lesson plans were extremely helpful and well thought out. I'm looking forward to more lessons. Book her you won't regret it

Tricia (Python lessons with Tawanna S.)

Amazing, very efficient. Very recommended.

David (Python lessons with Bill L.)

Joshua has worked great with my son. He explains coding in a way my 10 year old enjoys and understands. He seems to be organized and professional.

Natalia (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

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