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Upright Bass Lessons for Oak Park, IL

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Steven F.

Steven F.

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It is my goal as a teacher to give you the tools to play music but more importantly to create music. My Teaching Philosophy Left Hand- Scales and arpeggios our the bedrock of music. They are the foundation of everything harmonically and melodically. We will begin with learning our major, minor and pentatonic scales and corresponding arpeggios. Once we have an understanding of those we will delve into our modes and more “exotic” scales. Right Hand- The right hand is our time machine. It gives us the ability to play in time and with groove and feel. We will work on rhythmic studies string crossings and practicing with a metronome. Remembering music is harmony, Melody and rhythm working as one. For those who are new to playing music the hardest thing for some to master is rhythm/time keeping. It is the black and white right or wrong of the music world. Often times our want to progress quickly is hampered by skipping over the basic building blocks of rhythm and time keeping. The first critical step is the concept of subdivision. Subdivision it the mind process used to keep accurate time. It is mentally filling in the gap between the major beats. In 4/4 time it simply begins as counting 1+2+3+4+. I will constantly be emphasizing the need for unrelenting subdivision. But one can work on subdividing while you listen to recorded music even as you walk down the street humming a tune. Music Reading- I highly encourage learning to read music notation thought not a necessity it has the following benefits: 1.It will help you understanding of the mechanics of music theory. 2.Enables you to look at any piece of music and play it/have basic understanding of the song . 3.Gives a visual representation of and auditory art. Styles- As a bass player you will be called upon to play many different styles of music. We will learn the attributes of a diverse range of genres. So you will be prepared when your band mate wants you to play in a “New Orleans meets Moroccan feel” Feel/Groove- Is the most important attribute of a bass player, yet the hardest concept for some to master. Through out our learning of scales and styles we will constantly focus on the feel and groove of everything we play. The right feel/groove not only can make or break a song it can help heal the soul.
/30 mins
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I’m a super beginner on upright bass. But he is so kind and his teaching is so nice!

Ayaka (Upright Bass lessons with Andrea V.)

Geoff is a great teacher who focuses on critical detail. Geoff was monumental for my foundation on the double bass. He helped me get into the college of my dreams when I was in high school. I would hi

Zach (Upright Bass lessons with Geoff B.)

He was great! Maggy is learning so much! So glad we found Mark

Maggy (Upright Bass lessons with Mark L.)

Michelle is an amazing teacher! She is an excellent musician that is passionate about teaching. Michelle has a gift for for explaining concepts in easy to understand terms and encourages her students

Joseph (Upright Bass lessons with Michelle T.)

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