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Dennis J.

Dennis J.

I teach all kinds of acting, and have for over 40 years, but I specialize in stage acting, on-camera acting, acting for the face, voice acting, comedic acting, physical acting, improv, script analysis, monologues, audition prep, audition videos and voice over auditions. For Improv Acting we'll cover the elements of successful improvisation. We'll use exercises and games to develop your expression, imagination, spontaneity, creativity, solo work, and work with an ensemble. We'll create scenes, characters, and scenarios, and develop them into performance pieces. We'll explore improv as actor training, rehearsal technique, scene study, character development, and professional entertainment, including interactive theatre, immersive theatre, historical improvised theatre. We'll see how to use improvisation in film, television, and onstage. We'll study verbal improvisation, physical improvisation, improvised pantomime, and the improvised use of props. And much more. Our improv studies will be tailored to your specific abilities and needs.
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As a voice teacher & performance coach, I work holistically to help you explore the accurate communication of emotions that comprise a sincere ability to relate a story to an audience. We explore character development along with delving into how the voice integrates physical responses to external stimuli. Working with acting skills can help us understand our relationship to others and our world in a different light. It's an excellent way to continue professional development in any field, as the ability to role-play helps you work with communication skills in a risk-free environment. Improv acting helps you: * Think on your feet * Gain perspective on human behavior * Deepen character development [current show or production] * Roll with the changes in plot as dialogue changes * Practice clear communication (perspicuity) * Work with gestural communication & physical attributes ________________________________________________________ Arlys additionally works as a role-playing improvisational actor for Federal Crisis Intervention Training programs. CIT offers law enforcement officials tools to help aid identify & potentially deescalate mental health & emotional issues in crisis situations to encourage non-violent resolutions.
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