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About Nicole B.

Fontana, CA

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About Nicole
Lessons with Nicole are like none other! Students will learn methods of MDH Breathing Coordination* as the foundation of proper singing. This will bring clarity to common concepts like "support" and "placement." MDHBC is also very beneficial for musicians, actors, public speakers, dancers, and athletes!

Nicole has been singing her entire life, and began training in high school in 1990. In 1997, she graduated from "Citrus Singers" at Citrus College, where she received extensive training in vocal technique in a variety of styles, from opera to pop, and Broadway to jazz. She is educated in music theory and history, stage presence, dance, drama, etc. Since 1996, she has performed professionally in numerous musical theater productions all over southern California and beyond. She also has lots of experience singing with live bands, and Chris
tmas caroling in various venues including Disneyland. She has been teaching private voice lessons since 1998, and LOVES to see her students grow! Nicole has a lot to share with students who are serious about singing professionally, or students who just want to sing for fun!

*** Lesson Details ***
Private voice lessons are customized to each student's needs and goals. I will teach you warm-ups and proper techniques in order to protect your voice from being damaged, and to free your voice to reach its full potential. I can also help you explore a variety of musical styles, as well as learn performance tips, microphone technique, music theory, and audition skills.
*There is a hands-on component to MDH Breathing Coordination, due to the goals of reducing body tension (shoulders, neck, etc) and recoordinating the breathing mechanism (ribs, diaphragm, etc). Minors must be accompanied by an adult, should they choose to include MDHBC in their lessons. For more info on this highly effective method, please Google it. :)

Lessons with Nicole are:

*FUN! Nicole is kind and encouraging. She makes learning fun, and has respect for all students regardless of skill level. Students feel comfortable and relaxed.

*EFFECTIVE! As long as the student attends all lessons, and practices during the week, results will come quickly!

*** Specialties ***
MDH Breathing Coordination, Voice, Vocal Technique, Vocal Performance, Musical Theater, Classical, Pop, Rock, Country
Renna June 9, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Nicole is an excellent teacher. She is highly educated and trained. With her MDH certificate, she offers what many other teachers can't. MDH has improved my voice, as well as my booking rate substantially! She is patient, fun, and compassionate to boot!
Jerad June 5, 2019
· · In studio
Nicole is super friendly and very knowledgeable. I am SO glad I chose to call her. I could actually noticeably see the improvements after just a two lessons. Would definitely recommend Nicole no matter what level you're starting at.
Nitesh June 5, 2019
· ·
Nicoles lesson ethics r just awesome!
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Nicole B.

Fontana, CA 92336
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Athena M.

Lomita, CA

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About Athena
About Me

If you can recognize your favorite song when you hear it, you already have what it takes to be a great musician!

1. Your lesson will always be geared toward what YOU want to learn, and if it seems like we are working on something that doesn't match that, I will always take the time to make clear why what we are doing will have you be able to play what you want.
2. You already have every skill you need to be a great performer, and my job is just to steer the ship in the right direction to have that happen. All I am ever doing in a lesson is making sure that we are moving you in the ultimate direction that you want to be going musically.
3. I will do everything I know how to do to make sure that what I have learned that will benefit you becomes something you have mastered. If I could take th
e "computer chip" in my head and put it in yours, we would do that. Study with me and you will get the next best thing!
4.If I say something that isn't clear, or isn't useful to you, I will ALWAYS re-explain, or say it a different way, until it is useful to you and something you know how to use for your benefit on your instrument.
5. If you have a practice schedule set up with me, and for any reason you do not have time to practice or get an assignment done, I GOT IT! You can always tell me, because I've been there and I know. Music Lessons are NOT school, and I will never act like they are.

OK, now for the credentials:


I learned how to read music at 4 years old, before I had even learned to read English. If I can do that, anyone can do that given the right set of elements.
1. I started singing at three, piano lessons at nine, began teaching myself guitar at twelve and I have never stopped playing and learning since then.
2. I earned a B.A in Music from Towson University and graduated Magna cum Laude with a Major in Jazz/Commercial Piano Performance and a Minor in Opera.
3. I made my stage performing debut in a solo role at six, and I have never stopped performing since then. I wrote my first song, all by myself, at eleven and have composed over 1000 pieces since then.
4. I have studied brain science and practical neurology for fifteen years as part of my continuing education.


In addition to my extensive study of the piano, I have had many other valuable experiences as a musician and teacher, including but not limited to the following:

1. I have been a choral singer for twenty three years, and during that time toured Italy, sang at St. Martin of Tours Church in Los Angeles for fifteen of those years, and worked on mastering just about every form of sacred choral and gospel music.

2. As a soloist, began performing professionally in 1988 and have done numerous performances of my own compositions around Southern California. I also have had songs of mine pitched to major artists in Nashville and currently compose both contemporary music and feature songs for film and television.

3. I developed a method of curing tone deafness, and authored a course that teaches this to anyone whether they are a trained singer or beginner. I also authored a second course specifically for karaoke singers to learn stage presence and better performance skills.

4. I have been teaching for twenty years, working with students from 3 to 78 years old at every level of musical experience. I have taught not only music performing and instrumental technique, but song-writing, arranging, and the tricky task of singing while playing an instrument to accompany one's self. Believe me, this is a skill that DOES take a separate set of lessons to master, but every student who studies it with me does!

In short, if it's music, or even music-related, I've done it and I can teach it and I can figure out the best method to have your brain master it!

My Specialties:
Working with kids and young people in a SAFE environment to learn their instrument
Rhythm, and understanding why it is your ticket to musical mastery
How to use your own brain to be your own best teacher (when I'm not there in a lesson with you!)
Pop, Classical, Gospel, Rock, Musical Theater,

B. A. Music

Subjects Taught
piano, voice, guitar, music theory, song writing/composition, arranging

*** Lesson Details ***
Your BRAIN is your greatest musical asset, and I have spent the past twenty-five years learning how to make the musical brain easy for everyone.

I've been a musician since I was in the cradle, and I
learned to read music before I could read English! Over the past twenty years of teaching piano, voice and guitar I have learned how to use your brain, and the basic musical skills you ALREADY have to help you turn yourself into a great musician and performer.

If you can tap your foot along with a song, and you can recognize Mary Had a Little Lamb, you've got what it takes. My specialty is taking these simple skills you already have and using them to teach you EVERYTHING you want to know how to do on your instrument. I also teach combined
lessons so that you can learn more than one instrument in your course of study if that is what you choose.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student provides piano in their home for piano lessons. Voice students provide a recording device to record their lesson for their practice. Guitar students provide their guitar, any amps, cables, anything else they need for their rig. All students provide any CD's or mp3's they are working with during study. They pay for all books needed.

*** Specialties ***
Beginner level through advanced in kid songs, pop, rock, gospel, contemporary Christian, Broadway and classical. Emphasis on rhythm and technique. Lessons specialize in using knowledge of brain neuroscience practical applications in hearing, learning, reading, practicing and performing music.
Lisa August 1, 2019
· Ukulele · Online
I've tried using on line videos and ukulele lesson books to learn to play the ukulele. But I couldn't seem to get past a certain level. I signed up for lessons with Athena and I understand a LOT more about the composition, and how to bring it all together in my playing. She's great at understanding my "why" questions, and is very patient as I learn each new thing. At the end of our lesson she gives me a practice plan so I know what to work on for the week to improve. It's made a big difference. I appreciate how quickly Athena understands what's confusing me about something new, and how quickly she explains it in a logical, clear way. I'm enjoying my lessons, and Athena has been encouraging at each step of the way. If you want to learn a new instrument, or improve your skill, Athena is a great instructor to work with!
Julie A. August 1, 2019
· Piano · In home
My 12-year-old daughter has been taking lessons for the past year with Athena and loves it. Athena is knowledgeable and very importantly fun which is required to keep the attention of a 12 year old. Would highly recommend Athena.
Isabella July 23, 2019
· Guitar · In home
Very friendly!
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Athena M.

Lomita, CA 90717
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Stephanie R.

Los Angeles, CA

View Full Profile
About Stephanie
I have been singing and studying voice for over 25 years since I was a child! I hold a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. I have been lucky enough to study with some of the top teachers in the country and now I bring the experience I have gained directly to you!
I am proud to share my student's vast array of musical successes. From being cast on GLEE to being accepted into prestigious performing arts academies to conquering the Karaoke scene, my students continue to motivate and inspire me.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music brings me immense joy, especially singing and I want the same thing for you!
We start each lesson with proper breathing technique, the cornerstone of all vocals. We move on to vocal exercises to condition the voice. Then we work on the songs that you are eager to sing!

I will use a piano when
doing vocal warm ups and conditioning exercises. Students that play other instruments and accompany themselves when performing (such as a guitar) are encouraged to bring that instrument to their lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studio has piano, area for parents to wait

*** Specialties ***
We will work on proper breath technique, vocal conditioning, resonance, identifying and expanding your range, note sustain, power and vocal support. I will customize every lesson to suit your needs. With proper breathing and vocal technique under your belt you can sing any style of music you love, sing to a roomful of people and feel your confidence grow!
Kristin August 13, 2017
· Broadway Singing · In studio
Stephanie is always kind, always supportive, always encouraging, and most importantly, she always knows exactly how to challenge me. I've been taking lessons from her for over two years now. Since the first lesson, my range has expanded and I've grown more confident in my ability--especially in trying out new styles/genres. It's an added bonus that she's flexible with my busy and ever-changing schedule! I would highly recommend her to students of all levels.
Kimmy July 19, 2017
· Singing · In home
Stephanie is an AMAZING vocal coach. Her approach is so tailored to me as an individual singer, and she is always incredibly supportive as she motivates me to work my hardest. Stephanie has helped my voice grow tremendously, expanding my range both from the bottom and the top. She has also helped me work on important dynamics of my singing, preparing me for various auditions and performances. I look forward to every lesson, as I know I am getting the best training and an opportunity to spend time with a kind, hilarious, and amazing person!
Marianne G. September 23, 2014
· ·
Stephanie is a wonderful teacher with the most positive attitude! I've been singing with her for over a year now, and I can really see the growth I've accomplished under her careful guidance . She has great understanding of all the different styles of music that I like to sing. Most importantly, she makes me feel at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend Stephanie as a vocal teacher for a person of any age.
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Stephanie R.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
starting at
$39 / 30-min

About Azuri M.

Los Angeles, CA
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About Azuri
Learning is one of my main pursuits. My name is Azuri and I have studied music for over a decade and have my degree in guitar performance from musicians institute. I've had the gift of studying many artistic crafts and spend my time today trying to further my own study, while sharing what I've learned with my students.

Art is one of the most important tools we have as a culture and contains in it a shared history, tradition and the keys to future ones. Whether it be through the primal qualities of music or the impulses of dance, the records of drawing or descriptions of writing, these are the tools for our expression. I have had the great fortune to study, in many different settings, a small piece of these traditions and sharing them is paramount in respect to receiving them. I love sharing knowledge and I hope to elevate yours as a st

Teaching Philosophy -

My teaching philosophy is built on well rounded communication, explanation and examples. So, that a student can truly understand and learn a topic, surrounded in a very humorous, light and supportive environment.
Along with being provided good information, a student learns better and feels more motivated to learn when there is a balance of positive support and confidence building accompanied by constructive criticism and examples/information that can help a student assess what ever walls they may be meeting in their musical growth.

I understand that all students/artists have different goals they wish to achieve. So it is very important to me to accommodate each individuals needs and wants to help them grow in the fields they wish too; However, In that I have played music for a long time, I understand there are certain things that a student may not have been exposed to yet; It is important that while focusing on a students artistic goals they respect and are open to the suggestion and guidance of their teacher.

I truly believe music has an amazing influence on the world and has the ability to change peoples way of thinking. Therefore, I try and keep an open awareness to all music, so that I can understand all different musical languages utilized to communicate to people, and I don't believe I will ever know them all. I hold it to attention to influence my students somewhat similarly so that they can shape the landscape of how we communicate musically in the future.

I also try and be very patient with my students. Knowing that when I feel rushed, it makes information more difficult to comprehend, remember and allocate. I love watching the gears run in my students head, so I try and provide information that pushes a student but is within their abilities.

HUMOR is very important. I like to break people out of their shell by telling a joke and hopefully getting one back, so they feel more comfortable and free. One of a Artists worst enemies are nerves. Keeping things light-hearted and maybe even a little small talk can be very helpful to a students development and growth on a topic. After all, Art is meant to be fun and we should enjoy every moment of it, in fact we should enjoy every moment in life period.

I understand music requires focus and discipline and I have certain expectation of a student to understand that and practice. You can't buy chops, you can't buy music theory etc. you can get help but eventually your the one who must understand it and play it.

I am here to help you. Based on what I know and what I have extensively studied, I will do all that I can to help you achieve your musical goals. I am here to answer your questions and help you grow. I love teaching because I love sharing knowledge; As long as your seek it, it is here for you. Otherwise, I'd still love to hear some jokes.

Education -

_Bachelors in Music - 2016 - Guitar Performance (Musicians Institute, CA)
_Associates in Music - 2011 - Guitar Performance (Musicians Institute, CA)
_Major in Music - (Academy for Visual and Performing Arts) - 2008
_Garden of Angels - 2003 - Performance Academy

_Krump, Pop-n-Lock - 2012 - (Xtreme)
_Break Dancing - 2011 - (Fun.Krew)
_Traditional Brazilian Dance & Samba - 2014

_Capoeira - Current - (Capoeira Batuque with Mestre Amen)
_Wing Tsun - 2013 - (Johnny from the Emin Boztepe School)

_Graffiti - 2011 - (Fun.Krew)
_General Art - 2008 - (AVPA)
_Painting - 2003 - (Garden of Angels)

Much Love,
Azuri Zen M.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm very disciplined but am also very light hearted. It's important for me to assess things seriously, so that one can understand a topic or piece of information.

I generate my lessons based on the individuals needs and therefore draw from various curriculums, sources and examples, such as : MI curriculum for ear training, Theory, Single string Technique, Reading, Rhythm guitar, Ted Greenes Chord Chemistry, Berklee Guitar Method, as well as The Real Book, other artist books(Eric Clapton, etc.) The Guitar Players Hand Book, Bach pieces and self developed curriculums, relative to the topic at hand and students personal goals, amongst many others.

-Beginning students within three months of consistent lessons should have the ability to solo and playing chords to songs that they are interested in and songs provided in the lesson along with a basic understanding of the major scale and its relationship to all of the diatonic music.

-intermediate students should have an elevated understanding of scale and chord patters along with the theory that explains modal relationships and use of these concepts.

-Advanced students should learn all of diatonic scale shapes and modes assuming they don't already know them in which case their specifically situation will be assessed

-Professional students I expect to have specific questions therefore where they grow should be largely subjective.

Overall, in a short amount of time on a scale of 1 - 10 I expect to in three months at-least elevate a students musical abilities one full point if not more.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studio in home in private room with guitars, amps, piano, and seating.
Em's studio is family owned cafe with studio in finished basement with an office, recording equipment, and teaching space for acting and guitar.

*** Specialties ***
As a Musician I try and play as many styles and be proficient in as many as possible and therefore can play most. However, in the fields of blues, jazz, funk, flamenco and Latin I excel.
Dylan September 19, 2017
· Graffiti · Online
Very patient and gave a nice introduction to the basics for my 9 year old.
Juan G. April 4, 2016
· Singing · In home
Azuri is great, l recommend it to anybody. THANK YOU!!!
Juan G. April 4, 2016
· Singing · In home
You not will be disappointment. He is very professional. My first lesson and l like the way he teach.thank you azuri.
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Azuri M.

Los Angeles, CA 90016
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Andrew H.

Burbank, CA

View Full Profile
About Andrew
I'm a focused but easygoing guitarist and musician with over a decade of experience teaching students of various skill levels and backgrounds. I enjoy helping students discover their love of music and reach their personal musical goals, whatever they may be.

I started teaching as the guitar technique tutor at my local community college before striking off on my own. In 2014, I went back to school to complete my bachelor's degree in guitar performance, after which I received a master's degree from the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory, where I had the privilege if working with some of the finest musicians in the field today. I would love to help you hone your musical skills!
Nico June 30, 2019
· Classical Guitar · In studio
Andrew is very professional and knowledgeable. He not only teaches you he also listens. I am excited for my future lessons with him.
Moses A. August 9, 2017
· Guitar · In home
great patience to teach. 2 thumbs up!!
Jamie June 8, 2017
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Andrew is such a great teacher! I'm a beginner guitar player who wanted to learn some of the basics and work on my technique, and Andrew was so patient and really took the time to work with me. Very easy-going and helpful, even though I know I'm not the best player. He clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to anything guitar-related and I cannot wait to set up another lesson. I already feel more confident in my abilities! Thanks Andrew!
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Andrew H.

Burbank, CA 91505
starting at
$45 / 45-min
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About Chang Y.

Corona, CA
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About Chang
Hello/你好!My name is Chang, and I am a young professional cellist. I teach students range from beginner to advance. I have over ten years of teaching experiences, and both Bachelor and Masters degree in cello performance. I can also speak Chinese.

I will have a specific lesson plan for your personal need.
If you are a beginner who is looking to get better or to catch up in your school orchestra, I can help you. If you are a serious cellist is looking to get into a music school and take music as a path in college, I can definitely help you. I have many years of music Festival training that has taken me to Europe and Asia. Or if your just want to learn cello for fun, Im also happy to teach you as while.
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Chang Y.

Corona, CA 92880
starting at
$67 / 30-min

About Maxwell M.

Long Beach, CA
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About Maxwell
Hello, I have been studying and playing music since 2003 in and outside of a general school setting. I started on Alto saxophone and eventually moved to guitar and bass as my primary instrument. I have recently graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach in pursuance of a degree in musical performance with a specialization in jazz studies, which compiles teachings in classical technique and contemporary stylings.
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Maxwell M.

Long Beach, CA 90813
starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Zach B.

West Hollywood, CA

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About Zach
Hi! I'm a television and theatre actor-turned award-winning director and screenwriter. I've done theatre in New York and all over the world (including touring in "Les Misérables" and being an original cast member of "Heathers: The Musical"), and I've acted in television shows like "Switched at Birth" (ABC Family), "The Good Wife" and "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS).

I moved behind the camera in 2014, and have since directed 3 multi award-winning independent short films, as well as writing original screenplays in various stages of purchase and development for feature film production and primetime television.

I absolutely love to teach and have for many years along the way of my career. I've helped students explore their passion and hone their acting skills in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, my native Oregon, and even in South Africa.
I genuinely believe that anyone can act if given the right tools to have confidence in what they uniquely bring to the stage or the set. I look forward to sharing my all-encompassing perspective on acting with you and setting your talent loose on the world!
Thomas August 10, 2019
· Film Acting · In home
Zach is a fantastic instructor. He is a true coach, and has an insight into script analysis without all the bull, being able to help you pull the truth out of a scene whilst keeping it simple. Highly recommended.
Ryan January 10, 2019
· Acting · Online
Zach is a great instructor! He’s very encouraging & gave me great advice/direction as I begin film school. Would definitely recommend!
Rachel December 9, 2018
· Acting · In home
Zach is perhaps one of the smartest and most well rounded artists I've met. He has experience in all aspects of the business, from being an actor to a producer and to an award winning director, which makes him an unbelievable resource and teacher. I always look forward to our time together because I feel supported, heard, seen and never judged. He is always one step ahead which allows for very productive sessions. I leave our sessions feeling confident and fully prepared for whatever may come my way in auditions. I've worked with many people in this business and you do not come across people like him often. I feel incredibly grateful that I have Zach as a coach and resource. I cannot recommend him enough or give him higher praise.
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Zach B.

West Hollywood, CA 90069
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Kela P.

Los Angeles, CA

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About Kela
I am a singer, pianist, guitarist, performer, composer, and producer with a Masters in Music Composition, over fifteen years of experience teaching music, and special training in Body Mapping for Musicians. As a singer-songwriter I am especially interested in encouraging creativity and giving you the tools to express yourself through writing and/or producing your own songs!

Lessons are focused on creative expression, proper alignment and technique, and zoning in on what you need to get to where you want to be. Write and learn to produce your own songs, or learn to play your favorites, from classical to popular music.

With training in Body Mapping and yoga, I am especially interested in supporting health, efficient movement (which results in less fatigue, and injury prevention), and healthy vocal and/or instrument technique. My phil
osophy is to trust the musical inspiration that brings you to lessons, and I see myself as more of a facilitator of creating a musical experience and letting that guide us, rather than me imparting information to you.

Let's get started!
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Kela P.

Los Angeles, CA 90018
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Julia P.

North Hollywood, CA

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About Julia
Welcome! Thank you for considering me as your vocal coach. I am a professional pop/rock/r&b vocalist, guitarist & songwriter with 10+ years of experience performing, touring, and writing records. I started out in the music industry at age 13 and was signed to a major label with an all-girl group. I had the honor of our single being featured in “The Avengers” motion picture soundtrack, and sharing international stages with iconic rock bands such as the Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Bush. I am now a solo artist writing my debut album and I am regularly hired for session work as a background vocalist. My background vocal credits cover a wide range of projects for pop & rock artists including Paula Abdul. I also perform as the lead singer and lead guitarist in a weekly residency at the renowned Sayers Club in Hollywood.

Your singing
journey is also a deeply personal journey. I know how overwhelming it can feel to search for the right vocal coach. And when you start working with one, it’s important that you have a real connection. My previous vocal coaches not only had a lasting impact on my career, but they also played the role of my personal cheerleader and gave me the confidence to embrace the individuality in my own voice. This is why it is a passion of mine to share what I know with other aspiring singers. Over the years, I've had the incredible privilege of relaying insight from my own experiences & skill-sets I've learned to help students grow and achieve their own goals.

I work with students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are curious about taking up singing as a hobby, or you are already a professional and wanting to take your craft to the next level, let’s reach milestones together. I want to empower you to discover your voice and access your greatest potential. Let's get started!
Alina August 31, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Julia is the sweetest, most patient, and amazing teacher I could possibly ask for. I already saw a huge improvement in my voice within the first couple lessons. She teaches in such a comfortable and honest environment. Not mentioning, she's a complete sweetheart, and I always look forward to my lessons with her every week!
Pete August 28, 2019
· Vocal Training · In studio
Julia is great at identifying strengths and weaknesses as a singer and coaching you accordingly. When I first started with Julia I had uncertainties on how to sing properly without damaging my voice and she was able to immediately identify this and make the necessary adjustments. On a class by class basis she walks you through vocal warm-ups, sings along with you, and monitors tone, delivery, and posture to assure the best possible training. I am 100 percent likely to recommend Julia to friends.
Andrew August 28, 2019
· Singing · Online
Working with Julia as my voice coach has been an awesome experience! She is a very down to earth coach with a stellar professional background. Besides her serious vocal chops, she is (not surprisingly) an extremely knowledgeable coach and during our first lesson she immediately had a plan for my voice. By the end of my first session with her I had never sounded better. She immediately identified my areas of improvement and built an exercise regiment for me. Now, I project my voice much better with a controlled vibrato and an awesome timbre. I’d recommend her as a coach to any singer at any skill level.
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Julia P.

North Hollywood, CA 91605
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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