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These Python teachers are highly rated by students in the Escondido area, including Cardiff by the Sea, San Ysidro, Bonsall, Jamul and Valley Center.

Private Python Teacher

I have the ability to instruct the syntax of python to absolute beginners and also challenge the more advanced students. I learned this programming language first and I believe my understanding is deep. I can even demonstrate or present some of my personal projects as examples.

About Rance

I'm a current student. I have a history of teaching people subjects that include Engineering concepts, programming, and various things. I'm passionate in my fields of interest. I have certifications in the following: Robotics and Autonomous Systems(from Embry Riddle), Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD and Adobe Premiere. I also have a strong history of volunteer work that included Elementary school assistance, Community Organizations, and Church Activity for under-represented people.


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Rance G.


Gerardo M.

Poway, CA 92064


Private Python Teacher

I have mentored over 50 students in 20+ different subjects. I have experience with grades 4th to 12th, undergraduates, graduate students, and industry professionals.

I guarantee improvement in your understanding of the material starting from our first lesson together. I am committed to my students' success!

About Gerardo

My name is Gerardo M. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology. I am a STEM-focused tutor that specializes in teaching all levels of math (AP included), science, academic test prep, and college level classes. One of my greatest strengths as a tutor is my ability to communicate with my students. I identify areas that need improvement and figure out where the fundamental disconnect between the material and my student's understanding of it exists. In addition to tutoring, I have 7 years of experience in technology startups in the semiconductors and consumer electronics industries.

My philosophy is to teach my students to learn by intuition and logic rather than memorization. I emphasize teaching the fundamentals to build up a strong foundation of understanding. I believe this approach produces superior l

ong-term learning and enables my students to continue succeeding later in life.

May 5, 2019
Gerardo definitely knows a lot about Microsoft Excel. He taught me how to use pivot tables, create histograms, produce graphs of data, and he also helped me learn a few keyboard short-cuts to do my work more efficiently. Gerardo is a patient and effective tutor and I highly recommend him!
January 25, 2019
Gerardo helped me out in Calculus because I was truly struggling. I had a tough professor and I had not taken a math course in a couple of years. He did a great job at tutoring me through webcam and he was really patient with me. I would definitely recommend!
January 24, 2019
Gerardo helped me prepare for my AP Calculus AB test. I had trouble understanding certain concepts such as related rates and using integration to find volumes. He explained problems very clearly by going step-by-step, and making sure I understood the process every step of the way. I highly recommend Gerardo if you are looking for a math tutor.

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Gerardo M.

Poway, CA


Utkarsh S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Python Teacher

I have quite a bit of coursework experience with python along with practical experience writing many apps in data scrapping or automation which can help you get the understanding you need. You will walk out with an applicable understanding so you never need tutoring with the specific subject again!

About Utkarsh

I am a very down to earth, calm and patient person who absolutely loves helping people. I have tutored since highschool starting with special needs kids and into college where I tutored peers and their siblings in Math/Bio/Chemistry and Programming. I am willing to spend whatever amount of time it takes to pre-prep before your lesson so that you get the most out of your time and walk out with the best understanding you can! Contact me and lets get started!


July 23, 2019
He was excellent. Could not have had a better tutor.

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Utkarsh S.


Private Python Teacher

Programming is hard. Do not be daunted though, there are lots of others like you facing this learning curve to make yourself competent. In fact, as the global economy shifts from traditional hardware based business into a intellectual based economy, every one is learning to speak the language of computers. That is the trend, if you learn even the fundamentals of Python, that is already a skill in which you can use to improve others learning experience. As computer RAMs become nothing more than a commodity, python will become more prominent as a programming language for its syntactically intuitive usage and multitudes of functional libraries.

About Tony

Hello there. This is Tony, I am a 23 year old studying under Harvards extension program, CS50 intro to computer science. I also take multiple other online courses at the same time, learning web development, Full stack developement, Pythons Django framework, integration of many web API services, all the while creating my own personal projects that will convenient me in my daily life!

I like to take a very practical approach to learning programming rather than going through all the lectures in class/side resource materials, but having meaningful and passionate projects to work on that would ingrain into ones cognition is something I am big on! With that said, Let us get in some passion projects to work on that you study that much more effectively and learn to create your own innovations allow the way.


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Tony S.


Private Python Teacher

I think I am quite aware of the fact that there are numerous times where students go completely blank. At that time I genuinely think that I as a tutor would be a lot helpful to guide such students to get what they are looking for. The main responsibility of the tutor is to help students learn, reviewing content with them, explaining how to solve problems and checking completed work. On top of that, a tutor may also help students develop study skills and organization techniques to help improve their academic performance. Taking all these things into consideration I personally involve myself to understand my students deeply so that I could teach them according to their needs.

About Prabin

This is the first time I have started to teach others and be their tutor. I think this will help me in the long run to improve my skills and knowledge that I have gained so far. I think the best way to expand one's knowledge is to teach others and share your knowledge. There is no other way to master this.


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Prabin B.


Private Python Teacher

I want to show how programming cheer you up and can help you in work and daily life and plans.
All age welcome
We can work hard have a far plan and learn everything to get to it
We will work on real projects

About Aram

I can help you to learn to programming some real projects.
Python can help you in study too you can learn this things right now and be coolest person in life
Live your dream


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Aram R.


Daniel A.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Python Teacher

I have 6+ years experience as a tutor, I adapt my teaching method based on the rate at which the student understands the material.

I have been a coding instructor for 2 summers, teaching groups of up to 10 students, I have seen a wide range of skill levels and am able to work accordingly with them.

About Daniel

I am a web developer that focuses on python. I have graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Computer Science. I have continued to expand my knowledge through online courses and python projects.

I have been a private tutor since 2013. I have a great amount of experience working with a wide variety of students. This makes it simple for me to properly adapt my teaching methods to best fit the student.

I have also been a coding instructor in iDTech for 2 summers, working with students to create a product based on the topic of their choice. The classes range from 3 to 10 students. This range gave me the experience needed to understand and amplify the multiple perspectives a student can have while coding.

An example project I have recently made is a python file that recommends which month it is best to invest in a particular stock. This

program takes in the inputs of stock_sticker, years_in_length, percentage, and increase/decrease and uses them to properly show how many times each month has gone up/ down that percentage.

I currently am continuing my studies as I always will be. I am also working on creating different websites through django to enhance my full stack web development experience.

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Daniel A.


Jonathan R.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Python Teacher

When I look at a problem, before I start coding, I write down and draw what each of the small pieces are supposed to do. So when I work with a student to learn a new concept, we’ll look at all of the little details that make it work. We’ll sit down to explain and solve problems IN PLAIN ENGLISH so that s/he understands what’s going on at each step.

Real world analogies make coding concepts come alive. (For example, I can explain object oriented programming to you using Pokemon.)

About Jonathan

What I love about programming is the ability to take an idea and bring it to life with code. When I first started, I was really intimidated because I didn't have a computer science degree and had never coded before. Fast forward a few years after teaching myself code, and I'm now a data scientist.

I love teaching my students how to learn as well as programming concepts. It's almost more important to know "what to Google" than to know everything there is to know about coding.

I'm not just here as a tutor you see for 30 or 60 minute sessions. My goal is to help you grow as a programmer whether you're taking your first course in college, self-teaching for a career change, or applying to Google.


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Jonathan R.


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