Where to Find the Best How-to Dance Videos Online

Interested in learning how to dance? Whether you think you were born with a natural ability to “bust a move” or you’re just tapping into the world of dance, you might be surprised by how helpful some how-to dance videos available online can be. Although they can’t quite replace the guidance of a skilled instructor, they definitely have the ability to inspire newbies and professionals alike! With the convenience of online dance videos, you can get started learning or refining virtually every type of dance in the comfort of your own home.


The first place to look for inspiration is YouTube. Just a quick search of the type of dance style you’re interested in will give you thousands of results from which to choose. The above video will show you a few dance steps to bust out at the next wedding you attend, for example. To stay organized, compile a list of tutorials you like and instructors whose styles impress you and create a customized playlist for inspiration. Which dancer or instructor do you like the most? Consider subscribing to their YouTube channel for updates on their latest releases.


There are so many dance videos and styles available on this platform, from tap dancing to ballet to Zumba. When starting out, you may want to focus on one or two styles that particularly appeal to you, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Videojug has enough material to inspire you to become the next Fred Astaire, and maybe even learn about some styles you never knew about!

Dance to This

Dance to This has some of the best “how to dance” videos to be found on the Internet. From warm-up sequences to step-by-step routines to an abundance of dance tips, you can find advice from the industry’s pros while learning how to add flavor to your own routines. The video above, for example, reviews the five basic ballet positions.


Salsa lovers will hit their rhythm on Addicted2Salsa. This website hosts salsa videos from all across the Internet, making it a great comprehensive site for learning salsa steps. With thorough dance video series to take you from absolute beginner to the professional level, these online tutorials are tons of fun to explore. You’ll learn new techniques and choreography, so you’ll feel more confident the next time you hit the dance floor!


Howcast is another wonderful resource for how-to dance videos. The site offers channels for several dance styles, but it’s the breakdance channel that deserves the spotlight. Take a look at the tutorial above from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers, for example, who has created a systematic and exciting video series to teach you all the classic moves.

These resources provide tutorials for dance basics, alongside a hefty dose of inspiration. But if you’re serious about improving your dance skills, remember that hiring a private dance teacher is the best way to learn. So, after you’ve worked on the fundamentals in the comfort of your living room, look for an instructor who can follow your progress closely, provide you with tips specific to your style and skill, and help you improve and reach your goals much faster. Good luck, and have fun!


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