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Top 10 Most Surprising Ukulele Cover Songs

You’d be amazed what you can play on the ukulele! Music teacher Matthew K.  counts down 10 of his favorite surprising ukulele cover songs…

The ukulele is a fun instrument to play! Originating in Hawaii, the ukulele has four nylon strings that are tuned to C major. It is very easy to play, and you can strum it any way and it will provide a nice tone.

Often when one thinks of the ukulele, they think Hawaii, or Luau. Although it originated in Hawaii, many contemporary songs can be covered on the ukulele. Many have seen the ukulele cover of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” but here are some ukulele cover songs you may not have heard!

1. All of Me – John Legend

Performed by Andy Lange

Andy puts on a wonderful performance of this beautiful love song.


2. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Performed by Jake Shimabukuro

The music begins at 1:04, but I recommend checking out the whole video. This is actually a TED talk about how the ukulele is very easy to play, with the message, “if everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a happier place.”

3. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Performed by Ukulenny

This is a fun version that also features Ukulenny on vocals.


He even included the ukulele chords he uses:

Am 2000
C 0003
Em 0432
D6 2222
Strum Pattern: D-DUxxxUxUxUDUDU

This song was also covered by Jake Shimabukuro.


 4. War Ensemble – Slayer

Performed by Rob Scallon

Yes, someone covered Slayer on a ukulele… I don’t have any more words for this!


5. While my Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison

Performed by Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro is a master at the ukulele. This is one of the most beautiful performances on the instrument I have seen. This is something that takes years of practice and cannot just be tabbed out quickly.


6. Master of Puppets – Metallica

Performed by stentorian01

Not as intense as the Slayer song, but still pretty impressive. He starts on guitar, but be patient. It gets good.


7. My Girl – The Tempations

Performed by Mike Miragliuolo

Check out his other covers as well!


8. Radiohead – Creep

Performed by Melissa y Eureka

This is a personal favorite, but please use discretion if you’re viewing these with a child; there is one curse word in the song.


9. Thriller – Michael Jackson

Performed by Jake Shimabukuro

Again, Jake Shimabukuro does not disappoint. Someone had to cover a Michael Jackson song!


10. Is this Love? – Bob Marley

Performed by Ukulenny

Summer is around the corner, and as Ukulenny implies, it’s not summer without Bob.


I was going to attempt to tab out these songs for you, but most are very difficult. I suggest taking lessons through to find a teacher that can first show you the basics of the ukulele. You can work your way toward mastering your own ukulele cover songs and becoming the next Jake Shimabukuro.

Learn one of these ukulele cover songs or pick one of  your own, and master it with the help of a private ukulele teacher. Search for your ukulele teacher now!

Matthew K

Matthew K. teaches guitar, piano, and music theory lessons in Brooklyn, NY. He studied music composition at Mercyhurst University, and he has been teaching lessons for four years. Matthew is available to teach in-person lessons as well as online via Skype. Learn more about Matthew here!

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