4 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Unique Instruments to Learn

  1. Thanks for this great list of instruments. My husband has been asked to play a small song for our church party. He is hoping to find a Hawaiian musical instrument like the Ukuleles that you have on your list. I hope you are right that it’s easy to learn because we are going out to buy one tonight. The party is this weekend, so wish him luck!

    1. He could try the Hawaiian Skin Flute, I’m sure he could easily pick up this instrument and get pleasure form it.

  2. Hey! I have a 6 yr old kid and would that be much challenging to choose Flute as his first instrument? We went to India once and the people there played cymbals, tabla and flute to create a melodious aura. My kid developed an inclination towards these instruments since then.

  3. How about a Kalimba? There are a lot of African names for it in English it’s called a thumb piano. It can have many different tunings and numbers of tines. The best for beginners would be C tuning of 8 tines = 1 octave. All you need are 2 good thumb nails. That’s 4 tines for the left and 4 for the right. No matter what you play it sounds good. It’s not a loud instrument, but, can be electrified with a piezo pickup.

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