Your K-Pop Guide: The Hottest Korean Pop Stars

The Hottest Stars of KPop

Learning Korean isn’t just about memorizing vocabulary, it’s also about embracing the culture. You can’t learn Korean without being exposed to one of the most popular aspects of pop culture, Korean pop music.

Korean pop is one of the hottest music genres, not only in Korea, but worldwide. The popularity of K-pop isn’t just because of the catchy tunes, but also because of the gorgeous stars and teen idols who have major star power and a huge global fan following.

Listening to K-pop songs is a fantastic way to learn some basic Korean phrases and vocabulary. Plus, you can learn some sweet dance moves while you’re at it!

To help you find the best videos and songs from the best groups, here’s a list of some of the most popular men and women in the K-pop world.

1. BoA

BoA has outlasted plenty of younger pop idols. Much like Britney Spears and other American pop star, BoA began her career when she was just a teenager.

Influenced by artists like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, BoA’s music is best described as urban pop with soulful ballads.

2. HyunA

As a singer, dancer, songwriter, and model, HyunA is a quadruple threat.

She is the front woman of the girl group 4Minute, and also half of the musical duo Trouble Maker. HyunA isn’t just known for her singing voice, but also for her tattoos, dance moves, and rhymes.

In true bad-girl fashion, she earned a 19-and-older rating for her 2010 song “Change.”

HyunA also had a cameo in Psy’s “Gangham Style” video in 2012.

3. Lim Kim

While the world of K-Pop is mostly dominated by groups, Lim Kim stands out as a popular solo artist.

Lim Kim rose to fame after appearing on the show “Superstar K3.” She has a strong fan following after her hit “All Right.”

4. Yoon Bora

Sometimes just known by Bora, this multi-talented star sings, dances, raps, and models. She is a member of the band Sistar and the subgroup Sistar19.

Unlike most pop idols who dedicate most of their time to performing and touring, Bora was able to balance her life in the limelight with her music studies at Myongji University.

5. Yubin

Yubin is part of the super popular girl group the Wonder Girls. The pop star is known for her soulful voice.

The Wonder Girls became a household name in the United States with the English version of their hit “Nobody.”

When you watch the video and hear Yubin’s vibrant voice, you will understand why Yubin and the Wonder Girls keep the fans wanting more.

When it comes to Korean pop, it’s not just about the girls. Here are some of the most popular male performers in the K-pop world.

6. SE7EN

Se7en was part of the first wave of Korean artists to hit the main stream, and is one of the more well-known Korean pop artists.

While there was some debate over whether or not he would return to K-pop after his term in the military, Se7en is rumored to be releasing his newest album under his given name, Choi Dong Wook.

There has also been buzz that the star is looking to break into the world of musical acting.

7. Kim Jae Joong

Another multi-talented star, Kim Jae Joong is a performer, songwriter, actor, and director.

Jae Joong is a member of the group JYJ and he was also a member of TVXQ. Jae Joong is a fan favorite, and has a number of female admirers.

8. Psy

This silly, pudgy songster my not be the first to come to mind when you think of “hot pop stars,” but thanks to his viral hit
“Gangnam Style,” when it comes to Korean pop, Psy is a household name.

His catchy tunes, humor, and attitude make Psy a prominent force in the rotating world of Korean pop stars.

These are just a few of the famous Korean pop stars.

Who are your favorite artists? We want to hear from you, let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Travis Wise

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