How to Find Math Worksheets – and Make Them Fun!

Math WorksheetsDoes your child struggle to understand key math concepts from time to time? Hiring a private tutor to meet with your child weekly can help introduce new topics and reinforce the old ones at a pace that isn’t dictated by a school system, rather, by your child’s individual pace.

Another handy tool in between meetings with the private tutor is the implementation of math worksheets. Repetition has been proven to be one of the many keys to success – so with math worksheets, you can help your child go through similar math problems until the repetition helps him or her understand the concepts at hand. Your tutor or teacher can help determine which worksheets will be best, but you can also do some research on your own. Here are some resources to check out:

Soft Schools

At Softschools, you can find math worksheets designed for just about any mathematical concept. The worksheets are classified by each individual concept, as well as by grade level. If you want to help your blossoming child work ahead of the class a bit, Softschools provides the topics most commonly taught for each grade level.

As another helpful feature, each worksheet can be customized. You can determine how many rows and columns of problems you want on each sheet, as well as the relative difficulty for every problem.

The Math Worksheet Site

This is another site that offers many different math worksheets for you to quiz your child with. Problems range from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to mixed problems, fractions, graphing, and measuring problems. You can combine problems to make things a little more challenging, or keep them simple by focusing on one concept at a time.

The Math Worksheet Site also has a paid subscription database with even more topics. Most of these topics are either very advanced, such as geometry and algebra areas, or are even simpler than addition, such as counting and early education issues. The pricing is as low as $25 for a year’s subscription, so if you preview the paid area and decide you want to pursue some of the other topics, it’s definitely an affordable decision!


Just like the first two sites, SuperKids offers customized math worksheets that you can use to help your child learn and understand mathematical concepts. Featuring simple math concepts as well as exponents, fractions, and factorials, you can quiz your child on just about anything that he or she needs to brush up on.

While you might find the interface at SuperKids slightly simplified, don’t let that fool you. The math worksheets are still top-notch, and you can create as many math problems as necessary to provide the repetition needed for your child.

While repetition is one of the best ways to reinforce key mathematical concepts, it’s not always the most fun! To combat boredome, find a way to provide a reward for your child after successfully completing each set of math worksheets. This could be something like a sticker, or perhaps a star on a chart leading to something bigger, like an hour of TV or video game time. Experiment and play around with things a bit, or maybe ask your child’s tutor for some ideas. Whatever you do, stay positive, and show your kids just how fun math can be!


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