7 thoughts on “Flip Your World Upside Down: Benefits of Inversion Yoga

  1. Wow, I love this piece! For a long time now, I’ve been a big fan and proponent of inversion therapy – except mine is done on a table, along with a variety of inverted exercises to help strengthen and tone the core muscles. I’ve been both interested and curious about yoga for a while, and these inverted poses seem like they’re right up my alley! Inverted exercising and stretching without the table, how cool is that? Of course, in looking at the pictures, some of these, I’m not sure I’m quite flexible enough to do just now – going to have to ease into those! Thanks for the fantastic and informative piece!

  2. Great article Suzy.

    Like Dave says, we tend to use a table in our house but can certainly see the benefits of inversion yoga poses that you demonstrate. We’ll give them a try and let you know how we get on (although flexibility might be an issue!)


  3. Suzy,
    Great article, super informative. I’ve been working well in headstand for a bit now, it’s the pose I try to work on a bit each practice. I’m looking forward to the videos linked. Thank you!

  4. Hi Suzzy,

    Your article is really great! For a man like me, I hope I could do at least 1 per 3 Different Types of Inversions. Maybe I need to start exercise and stretching first. Thanks

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