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4 More Terrific Japanese Websites to Bookmark Now

learn japanese

At first, learning Japanese may seem intimidating. The characters, also known as Kanji, can be difficult to memorize. Because it’s not as common to learn Japanese as opposed to Spanish or French, there are fewer online resources available. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and rounded up the best Japanese websites to help you learn!

1) JapanesePod101

This is an ongoing podcast that releases new lessons every few days. Most of the lessons are audio only, however, the site does have some video lessons for beginners. JapanesePod101 offers pronunciation tips, cultural information, and tricks to help you improve your accent. This free podcast is available on iTunes and contains 66 episodes ranging from four to 15 minutes.

2) Imiwa

This is an online dictionary app that includes Kanji with the English (or other language) definitions. You can take notes through this app, analyze a sentence, and look up new words.

3) The Japanese Page

This is a fantastic website to supplement Japanese classes or lessons. This is a great resource to study grammar and learn to write in Japanese. In addition to basic vocabulary and grammar lessons, the site also includes blogs and information about Japanese culture.

4) Learn Japanese from Scratch

This YouTube channel teaches basic lessons on writing in Japanese. Learn Kanji and grammar through short three- to six-minute videos. New videos are updated every few months and cover a variety of grammar topics.

5) Watch Anime

Anime is created in Japan and dubbed in English. Popular ’90s kids TV shows like “Sailor Moon,” “Inu-Yasha,” and “Dragonball Z” are all dubbed Japanese anime. YouTube has hundreds of anime videos. Find some that are dubbed in English. These fun videos will help you practice listening comprehension. Hulu has released an English-subtitled reboot of “Sailor Moon.” Do some research and find the Japanese versions of your favorite childhood anime, then practice Japanese by watching your favorite shows. Find out more about learning Japanese with anime here!

These Japanese websites are extremely helpful, but the best way to learn Japanese is with a language tutor who can tailor lessons to your specific needs. Check out these websites and let us know what you think!

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