You Know You’re a Drummer When… 10 Things Only Drummers Understand

you know you're a drummer when...

Besides your sweet beats, grooves, and head-turning solos, there are certain things that set drummers apart from other musicians. You know, those quirky things that only drummers understand. While your friends may get annoyed by these personality traits, we thought we should celebrate these quirks. Here, drummer and blogger Jyn Yates counts down the top 10 things only drummers understand.

Hello there, my name is Jyn Yates (@Jynyates) and I’m a professional percussionista. I have been playing and teaching music in Louisville, Kentucky for several years. As drummers, there are certain things we do that other people just don’t seem to understand. Rather than fighting it, let’s celebrate who we are as drummers with this top 10 list.

You Know You’re a  Drummer When…


10. Your friends know when you come over because you have your own rhythmic knock!

9. You’re constantly rocking out to your own beat, even when there’s no music!

8. You can clock the beats per minute (bpm) to almost anything.

7. You recite almost everything you read in rhythm.

6. You add drum hits to the end of everyone’s jokes.

5.  You’re never in pictures because the band puts you in the back!

4. Your car costs less than your drum kit!

3. Your parents constantly remind you that you owe them a car due to the warped dashboard where you used to practice.

2. You’re always getting noise complaints from your neighbors.

and…drum roll please!

You know you’re a drummer when…

 1.  Everybody Loves You!

Is there anything else you would add include in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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