10 thoughts on “Learning Drums: The Top 10 Benefits of Drumming [With Infographic]

  1. I have always been fascinated with drums. I just love the sounds and I can just imagine the awesome feeling while playing them. Fascinating!

  2. Love this article! I’ve definitely experienced these. Hope you don’t mind me linking this on my blog.

  3. I resonated with what this drumming article said. I have been a student of drumming and a drummer for 53 years. I’ve never stopped practicing and playing them because I feel most alive and creative when I do so. I’ve had the opportunities to play with some world class jazz musicians and other very talented players. They bring me joy and an outlet to explore and create music I love.

  4. It got me when you said that playing drums will be able to make a person fit. As you mentioned, a study shows that 270.4 calories are burned in half an hour when playing with just the hand drum. I can just imagine how many calories will be burned if you play the whole thing. Since I wanted to be fit, I think I might start undergoing a lesson for drums. I think I will really have fun with this instrument because I am kind of musically inclined. Thanks for the information!

  5. I like how you mentioned that learning how to play the drums can actually help you develop confidence because it’s a very dynamic and loud instrument, and it takes confidence to learn challenging music. My son is wanting to learn how to play the drums, but my husband and I aren’t sure if it would be worth it for him. After reading this article, we’ll have to look for a reliable drum lessons business in our area so that he can get started on learning to play the drums and increase his confidence, a skill that I believe he can use throughout his life.

  6. My brother always wanted to learn how to play drums, he thinks is the coolest instrument ever invented. I did not know that playing drums can boost brain power in a measurable way, specifically when it comes to IQ. Thanks for sharing your article, I’m sure that my brother will love to read it.

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