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10 Party Dance Moves You Need in Your Life Right Now

May 23, 2018

10 Party Dance Moves You Need in Your Life Right Now

Long days, hot nights, and summer weddings all add up to one thing: epic dance parties. If you’re feeling a bit shy about shaking your groove thing, don’t sweat it! I usually think the best dancer at the party is the guy or gal who’s having the most fun, regardless of their dancing skills.

Here are all the best party dance moves you need to heat things up this summer on the dance floor.

1. Step With the Beat

To start out, get comfortable on the dance floor by stepping back and forth with the beat. The most important thing in this move is just to relax, smile, and get warmed up for the dance party to come. Once you’re feeling good, start adding a little bit of flair or move on to other dance steps.

2. The Can-Can

Get safety in numbers and show off your silly side with this group move. Just get some trusted friends in a line and start high-kicking!

3. Bring Back the 80s

Memorize the dance sequence from The Breakfast Club and use their tried and true vintage moves to get the party going.

4. Moonwalk

Speaking of the 80s, if there is anything cooler than a well-timed moonwalk, it has not been invented yet.

5. Airband

You don’t need to know how to play an instrument to toss air guitar, air drums, air piano, or any other instrument you’re hearing into the mix! This is a great move for when you’re really into the music and you don’t mind showing it.

6. The Chicken Dance

Sure, it’s cheesy, but I dare you to flap your wings like a chicken without cracking a smile.

7. The Twist

The perfect move for dancing to golden oldies, the twist is a great party dance move because almost anyone can do it! Just start twisting at your hips and you could start a twistin’ sensation at the party.

8. Slow Dancing

The party doesn’t stop when a slow song comes on. Pro tip: don’t sit out the slow dances if you’re at the wedding or party without a partner. Not every slow dance has to be romantic. You might have more fun dancing with someone unexpected, like the bride’s grandmother, than you could ever anticipate!

9. Raise the Roof

Raising the roof or just putting your hands up in the air is always a great go-to move when you’re dancing to upbeat music.

10. Go with the Flow

Most importantly, just have fun! Don’t worry about having the coolest party dance moves or dancing perfectly. Relax, get into the moment, and don’t forget to smile. Your confidence and fun-loving attitude will be attractive and contagious!

If you’re looking for extra dancing pointers, taking private dance lessons is a great way to sharpen your skills. What are your favorite go-to party dance moves? Share it with us in the comments below!


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