Margarita Manoilow

Margarita M.

Sunnyvale, CA
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Margarita M.

Margarita is a VFX & Compositing Artist and a Fine Arts Instructor based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
She has obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the School of Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and Associate of Art Degree in Graphic Design.

Since 2005 Margarita has been working with traditional and digital media in her studio to provide graphic design and post-production services, as well as to create artwork for various publishing and Visual Effects houses. She has been involved into numerous projects, among which is her outstanding compositing work in promotional videos for Tyco Electronics, one of the largest electronics companies in California, as well as being the Visual Effects Supervisor for the animated film "Helena's Dream", which entered and won recognition in film festivals abroad and in the US.

Margarita has taught fine arts classes at several schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently she is an Art Instructor at Gundolina Art Studio, where she effectively teaches art appreciation and promotes creativity among her students.

Favorite quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso.

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  • Speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian, French, Polish
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2006

Reviews (18)

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Jovanka V. Sep 28, 2018
Drawing · In home

My son is a beginner in drawing and is a bit apprehensive about his drawing skills. I really appreciated and liked Margarita's approach, setting music to create a relaxing atmosphere for drawing, explaining the steps, and the foundation for sketching. I think we approached drawing wrongly and after the lesson I changed our way. We play music now (which he likes) and he is drawing more often and is more relaxed.

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Nandini Dec 20, 2017
· In studio

My daughter attends Ms Maggie's art exploration program. Ms Maggie is very patient with children and brings out the best in her students. My daughter has learnt a lot of techniques in art under her guidance and looks forward to art class every week. I'm so happy and grateful that my daughter has a wonderful art teacher. Search no further if you're on the lookout for an art teacher for your child.

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Heloise Magny Nov 27, 2017
Painting · Online

I worked with Margarita on a short film, ''Helena's Dream'' and her artistic skills and keen eye for details are awesome. She is an honest person and anyone working with her will be happy with the results !

Parul Nov 16, 2017

My daughter started this class in kindergarten n now she is in grade 4th, she learnt a lot about Arts n Sketching. She loves the class and her teacher too.
Miss Maggie is so professional and an excellent teacher, one thing I love about her that she always explores and introduces new form of Arts in the class and give the students chances to try that out.

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Anubha Nov 10, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Excellent teacher
Very professional, very dedicated & expert knowledge in her field
We feel lucky to send our daughter to her class

Shikha Nov 8, 2017
Drawing · In home

Great teacher and a wonderful experience. My daughter loves to go to class and have lots of fun while learning new techniques.
Kids are actually exposed to various mediums. The really good part is you can also see older kids working on really good pieces of art, which is a very motivating for the younger ones. Personally Ms Maggie is very kind and gentle and a pleasure to know. I recommend any parent looking to enroll their kids into an art program to take them to her class and you WON'T regret it!

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Tonima Nov 8, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Excellent teachers know each student's strengths and limitations and they build upon both, Ms.Maggie is one of those teachers. My daughter has bloomed after joining Ms.Maggie’s class.She taught her how to apply the fundamentals of art, and incorporate the use of a variety of materials, techniques, and styles. I am very pleased with my child’s progress and would like to say a big thank you to Ms.Maggie.

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Neeta Baghel Nov 8, 2017
Drawing · In home

My daughter has been going to Mrs.Maggie’s class for the last 3 years.And through all those years , Maggie has been the most supportive and amazing teacher my daughter can ever wish for.She does everything very proffesionally. She is very dedicated to her art proffesion. My daughter has always loved art and this art class makes her love it even more.

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Sumedha Nov 8, 2017

Mrs Maggie is best teacher. My son is going to her from last 3 years. I tried many drawing classes. But he liked Mrs Maggie. She is very soft spoken, cooperative and know very well how to deal kids .

Miji Nov 7, 2017
Drawing ·

I have known MAggie the last 7 years. She has been a big part of my daughters life as an art teacher & friend. Her patience in dealing with children is something which I have witnessed myself. Her dedication & professionalism in handling a class is beyond par. She has inspired my daughter to pursue art. I would recommend Maggie to every parent who is looking for an art instructor

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Shree Devi Nov 6, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Maggie is an amazing teacher. Both my kids love going to her class. My son was the first one to join and has been learning from her for little over an year. In my son's words, "Ms. Maggie is the most inspirational teacher who has increased their interest in art more than ever before." I knew my son had an artist within him but since he has been going to Maggie I see such a tremendous improvement in his work. I see him understanding the techniques and applying whatever he has learned in his different works. His progress motivated me to enroll my younger one too.

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Kavitha Nov 6, 2017

Mrs.Maggie is a great art teacher. My son is really doing an awesome artworks. She is blessed with immense talent and having lot of patience to handle kids. My son likes her a lot. She also knows​ the pulse of each student and teach them accordingly.
Mrs.Maggie is an inspiring person for my son. She is very kind,encouraging and professional. I would strongly recommend her if anyone looking for an art teacher.
Thank you Maggie! You are a such a great art teacher for my son.

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Shree Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Mrs. Maggie is a very humble person we have met and she is very keen when it comes to teaching art to kids. Both my girls look forward to go to her every week and learn new things related to sketching and drawing. She spends time in making the kids understand as to what she wants them to do and kids really do it well.... she is very encouraging, inspiring and active in her way of teaching art which I really admire. Am very happy to be have her as our art teacher and absolutely will recommend to all my friends. We are blessed to have you Mrs. Maggie 😇

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Sridevi Nalli Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In home

Thanx Maggie to provide this platform to express our gratitude & appreciation for all your efforts , time & energy, imparting your art knowledge to your students.
Richa is fortunate to be your student for past 5 years. She enjoys your art class & always looks forward for those fun projects, which makes her enthusiastic.
We are privileged to have you as our art teacher.

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Rashmi Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Mrs.Maggie is probably the best art teacher anyone could ask for! My son has been going to her classes for many years now and absolutely loves it. Mrs.Maggie posses vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field of art, and she is able to present all this knowledge in a way that the students can easily understand and pick up on. She is a very patient teacher and makes art fun and interesting for every student that she teaches. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

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Malathi Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In studio

My son is really lucky and blessed to have Mrs.Maggie as his Art teacher. He is drawing very nicely nowadays. Mrs. Maggie is very sincere,hardworking and very honest person.She is nice,kind and helpful to her students. Whenever I look my son's drawings and paintings, I can see her dedication and passion towards artwork. Definitely, we can see our kids as a best artists.
I will refer Mrs. Maggie as a Best Art Teacher of the Bay Area to my friends and whoever looking for a great art teacher. She is awesome!

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Preetha Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In home

My daughter is with Ms. Maggie for more than a year. She loves her art class and keeps sketching all the time. She has developed an interest to sketch what she is seeing. Thanks to Ms. Maggie.

Ms. Maggie is very professional and to the point instead of beating around the bush. Its been a pleasure working with her.

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Gayathri Nov 5, 2017
Drawing · In studio

My daughter loves Mrs.Maggie and always looks forward to her art class.
Maggie is a load of talent and fun. She is thorough professional and all the information is conveyed promptly by email.
I asked my kid , what to write for the review for her art class.
Her reply was "love it , love it " . :)

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CG Artist
May 2010 - Present

Digital Griffix

Digital Compositing, Visual Effects Supervisor

Art Instructor
Jan 2006 - Present

Gundolina Art Studio

Art Instructor
Oct 2012 - Oct 2013

Ichen Art Academy

'Drawing and Sketch', 'Creative Arts' and 'Art Exploration' classes.


BFA, School of Animation & VFX, Compositing & VFX
Sep 2004 - May 2009

Academy of Art University

AA, School of Visual Communications Technology, Graphic Arts/Printing
Sep 2001 - May 2003

Monroe Community College



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency

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