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Having taken pictures of families, weddings, children etc. over 15 years, I have learned to move swiftly from one picture to the next to help those being photographed feel comfortable and have a good time! Pictures capture a moment of time that will always be remembered! During class we will cover: *Lighting *Aperature *ISO *Manual *When to use Manual and Automatic *How to take pictures throughout a wedding day, family or children photoshoot. *Posing that works for both family and weddings *How to start a business *Flash *etc.
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*****Please check my availability, these are currently the ONLY TIMES that I have available. Thank you I teach MUSIC and PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC I am an independent music instructor. I have trained students in opera, jazz, and contemporary. I began my piano studies at age eight and began teaching in high school. I have a Bachelor of Arts minor in vocal performance from Brigham Young University. I have taught hundreds students of various ages and abilities and have been involved in a number of musical groups and productions, such as Opera Scenes, Phoenix Rising, Women's Chorus, and the Cincinnati Women's Group. My instruction emphasizes a relaxed learning environment with a focus on the student's needs. I also encourage and teach my students how to take care of their voice and body to avoid strain or injury. What Students Will Learn: *Sound, rhythm, and beat *Figuring out where the notes are on a page of music *Dynamics (such as loud and soft) *Understanding high and low notes *The importance of regular practice *Following instructions *Performing for a teacher (and an audience, in some cases) Sources for Student Learning: *Student books *Pictures of notes *Flashcards *Videos/songs that help students learn how to read notes Performances: *I encourage each student to find at least one opportunity to perform yearly. Whether performing for friends or family, regularly performing for an audience results in tremendous growth! Student Books Used: *Piano Adventures *Suzuki *Alfred Series PHOTOGRAPHY: What will be needed for the course: Either a interchangeable lens camera or your phone is fine. Always my end goal is to help you feel ready to start up your own business of doing family, portrait, engagement, and weddings. I earned my Visual Arts major in Photography from Brigham Young University. I have run a photography business for 18 years. I have taken pictures for weddings, engagements, senior pictures, landscapes, and family portraits. I focus mostly on what students would like to learn. How to manually operate a camera is a critical learning emphasis. If applicable, we'll also talk about how to run a photography business.

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