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Voice Exercises for Singers & Vocal Anatomy - Singing Class

Voice Exercises for Singers & Vocal Anatomy - Singing Class

Created by Arlys
Size: 1-50
Age: 18+
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Singing with clarity and control is necessary for a good sound. This group singing class will cover vocal exercises for singers such as how to bring your voice forward into the face to improve your overall sound. This will be accomplished by looking at vocal anatomy and learning some voice exercises and warmups that can be practiced daily. These vocal training tips will help you use your voice to ... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1997

Voice Teacher/Vocal Coach

Associate of Music

Age: 9+

Speaks English

Has background check

My specialty as a professional voice teacher is Contemporary Commercial Music [CCM] covering Pop, Country, Hip/Hop, Folk, Rock, R&B, Soul, Gospel, EDM and others. My background in choral singing and bel canto vocal training allows me to assist singers who perform diverse musical genres with authenticity. Additionally, I am cross-trained in dance, y... Show More
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