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Practical Music Theory and Musicianship - Music Theory Class

Practical Music Theory and Musicianship - Music Theory Class

Created by Steve M.
All ages
In this class, we'll combine elements of music theory, functional keyboard instruction, ear training, sight-singing, and transcription to improve students' overall musicianship. We'll tackle music theory topics such as intervals, scales, and chords, plus how they work together to form musical compositions. Students will learn to play and sing scales chords and melodies.

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1987


private career school teacher provisional license

Age: 12+

Has background check

Steve teaches at the Bass Collective in New York City and is the author of several books for bassists: Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bassists, and Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian Rhythms for the Bass. Topics specialized in: Jazz Blues R&B Rock Reading Music Theory Musicianship Technique Steve has played both uprigh... Show More
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