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Loving Kindness Meditation - Guided - Yoga Class

Loving Kindness Meditation - Guided - Yoga Class

Created by Yekaterina K.
All ages
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In this class participants will be guided through a loving kindness meditation and learn to focus benevolent and loving energy toward themselves and others. Loving kindness meditation increases happiness by making people feel more connected to others: to their loved ones, to their acquaintances, and even to strangers. Some published studies noted that Loving Kindness meditation technique may be... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1995

Performing Pianist / International Educator

Certified Breathwork Teacher

Meditation Teacher Certificate

Age: 5+

Speaks English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Delve into the expertise of Yekaterina, a multilingual concert pianist and seasoned international educator boasting over 25 years of mastery in pedagogical finesse and child psychology. Yekaterina's forte lies in guiding students through advanced piano techniques, fostering repertoire development, honing sight-reading skills, and crafting a framew... Show More
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