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These Singing teachers are highly rated by students in the Tampa area, including Plant City, Gibsonton, Thonotosassa, Holiday and Belleair Beach.

Nicole C.

Tampa, FL


Bgcheck Background Checked

We will cover vocal warm-ups, all necessary music theory for the genre that interests you, and any music performance needed. For students auditioning, we can have intensive rehearsal to prepare you before your audition date.

About Nicole

Nicole began her musical journey in Long Island, New York when she began piano lessons at age five. While receiving training on piano, she joined her elementary school orchestra in the 3rd grade and quickly soared with violin. During this period, Nicole began learning music theory and the art of reading music. As a fourth grader, Nicole would go on to conduct and tune every instrument in her orchestra during rehearsal. She always competed and won many NYSMA competitions for violin while attending music seminars and workshops. It was then that her teacher realized she had a gift. Nicole continued with piano lessons and began teaching herself guitar. Later, after college, she bought herself a drum set and began to teach herself drums.
As an adult, Nicole studied to become an elementary teacher and worked in the New York State Sch

ool Districts for over five years. Shortly after receiving her master€'s degree for Literacy Education, Nicole decided to attempt to share her passion for music. In 2007, Nicole opened a music studio in Holbrook, New York. Here, she refined her music teaching skills while establishing Nicolex Inc. Music Island as a leading source of quality music education. Her summer traveling music program allowed her students to experience live performances as well as create music groups with peers with the same passion for music.
Nicole now resides in Tampa, Florida with hopes to spread her business as well as the joy of music to children and adults. She currently is the drummer for a local original Soul/Rock band. Needless to say, she understands the importance that music has had in her life and wishes to ignite that passion in other music lovers.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is best labeled as kind but firm. I take my job very seriously and want wholeheartedly for my students to have music as a part of their life, not just a part of their day. I love to laugh and have fun but I will definitely expect my students to practice and complete any homework I assign and be prepared for the following lesson. Simply stated, music is fun and the love of my life, but if I still practice, you will as well. Otherwise, I always believe in teaching songs my students are interested in and will expand their musical skills. My experience as a public school teacher had enhanced my sense of finding individual needs of every student. Therefore, I always differentiate lessons to suit my students interest while teaching them the foundations every musician needs in order to be successful. My specialty is teaching a variety of instruments. I play drums, guitar, bass, piano, and sing as well. So, if one instrument is not for you, I can teach you something different without a problem. Long story short, friends, you are in good hands.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Full Service music room: Keyboard, Full drum kit, Electric Guitar with 30 watts Amp and Microphone/ vocal monitor.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring a 76 key Yahama YPG-235 Keyboard for your household to use for lessons for a small monthly rental fee. I have an Epiphone Electric Guitar with 30w amplifier. Will also bring microphone and monitor for vocal lessons.

*** Specialties ***
I have taught mostly Rock, Blues, and Classical genres for Piano, Guitar, Drums. Vocally, I specialize in R&B, Soul, Motown, Broadway, Pop, Top 100 and alternative/Hard Rock. I will adapt to your needs.

July 23, 2019
Julie H.
June 28, 2019
Regan B.
June 4, 2019
Alyssa A.
Aly LOVED her lesson

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Nicole C.

Tampa, FL


Jeremy R.

Dunedin, FL


Bgcheck Background Checked

Whether you're brushing up on your Karaoke skills or you want to be the next finalist on "The Voice" I can help get you there. Come with me on a journey to discover your talent within and mold it into success!

About Jeremy

I have been a professional performing musician and producer for over 10 years and have had hundreds of students during that time. I grew up playing classic rock and classical. By the time I graduated high school I had visited 26 states playing music. I have studied music at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and have performed in various groups. I have a unique passion for teaching music and making it fun. I have the classical training and performance experience to help take your musicianship to the next level while having a blast.


June 21, 2019
Charles F.
Great first lesson, I've got another scheduled today and am very much looking forward to it. And yes, Jeremy, I did my muscle memory homework.
January 7, 2019
Mike R.
Really solid first lesson. Jeremy was warm and engaging. I look forward to working more with him in the future.
September 18, 2018
Jeremy is very calm, supportive, and knowledgeable. His lessons have a clear direction and are focused on my goals. I enjoy the lesson and am willing to work hard in between each lesson. I highly recommend him.

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Jeremy R.

Dunedin, FL


Tony M.

Seminole, FL


Our music instruction program is spearheaded by music industry veteran, Tony M., who has a reputation for the ability to work with a wide range of students of all levels, and getting amazing results. Students frustrated with traditional teaching methods and slow results who come to Solfege are amazed at the progress and results they are able to obtain under Mr. M's direction. Enhanced breathing technique, expanded octave ranges and overall increased vocal ability are just some of what you can expect from the instruction you will receive. Mr. M. is able to get results where other instructors have failed. Client testimonials are available.

Mr. M. has worked with students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Many of his students have performed professionally, and some have gone on to perform for producers of America's Got Talent, America's Most Talented Kids, and many were selected to perform with American Idol's Clay Aiken.

Whether you want to

About Tony

If you want to be the best, learn from the best. Talent, skill, confidence- priceless!.

Choosing the right voice coach or singing teacher can be a difficult task, as there are so many coaches and teachers out there. My approach is unique in a sense that I do not believe in a "One size fits all". With Decades of working with professionals in this music industry including celebrities, platinum recording artists from American, Eastern and African continents. I have worked with contestants and music industry professionals and producers from American Idol, America's Most Talented Kids, and America's Got Talent, as well as industry insiders, AR reps, TV networks, and many venues across the USA.

*** Specialties ***
Voice coach, all genre. beginners, intermediates, advanced and professionals.
Advanced Vocal Coaching, for professional

Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Broadway.

*** Lesson Details ***
Guitar: Learning to properly handle the guitar, left and right hand techniques. learn to tune the instrument. read notes, and lean all major, minor, and seven chords by the end of book 1

Piano: learning all 12 scales by heart, proper fingers technique for both hands, reading both left and right hand notation by end of book 1.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Tascam D8000 40 Ch. Digital mixer
Alesus quad Reverb,
Yamaha EX5
Korg Sound module
Digitech Vocalist II Harmony...
Pro Tools 10
D Drums,
7 Pianos
5 Guitars,
2 Saxophones

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Mic, Laptop, Amplifier, Karaoke hard drive, and software.

*** Specialties ***
Advanced Vocal Coaching, for professionals,
Pop, R&B, JAZZ, Classical, Broadway.

Composition for pro artists, 256 mix tracks, 48 khz,
Top of the line recording gear.

Classical guitar, Music Theory and Composition for writers.

August 19, 2018
Ivana B.
I would highly recommend Tony Mitri as a voice and music instructor. My son takes lessons with Mr. Mitri and his progress has been astounding! He studies with other teachers previously without much success. My son has said he has learned more from Mr. Mitri than all of his previous instructors. He enjoys the lessons so he works harder at making progress and it shows. He helped him expand his range substantially, and increase his confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in music of any kind. Mr.Mitri is awesome professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. You won’t be disappointed.
July 31, 2018
Jeri DeVale
you could tell that he not only was a good and patient teacher but that he was interested in well being and was exceptional in his creative approach to teaching! most definitely a 5 star teacher.
Jeri DeVale
May 9, 2018
Jerome B.
He is patient and very knowledgeable going try stick as long as possible !

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Tony M.

Seminole, FL


Anastassia K.

Sayreville, NJ


pop rock jazz musical (any age/level)
For over 15 years I've been providing vocal coaching and singing lessons to students age 5 and above, while being a live stage performer myself. Nothing beats the real-life experience!

About Anastassia

So you just Love to sing... Always wanted to try... Big audition coming up... Trying to get into the school musical... Want to improve your professional skills Or simply want to impress your friends and relatives at the next family event - I'm here for you.
I am proud holder of the diploma of the Professional School of Music and Vocal Arts, specializing in "Popular and jazz vocal singing and coaching".
For over 15 years I've been providing vocal coaching and singing lessons to many wonderful students age 5 and above, while being a live stage performer myself. Nothing beats the real-life experience!
While teaching technique I will show you how to integrate it into the songs you want to perform, eliminate your breaks, smooth out your transitions, add endurance and strength to the voice, sing on key better, and extend your range. I e

mploy individual approach to every student. We will work on the song styles/genres YOU like. I have extensive collection of professional backing tracks without vocal part for you to sing along, practice and record a studio quality demo of a song you learned.
My goal is to take any talent/experience you have and bring it to the next level!

May 7, 2019
Elvira S.
Great teacher with a lot of patience
January 14, 2019
I needed to work on jazz and pop singing technique. Anastassia is an excellent teacher and it has been a joy to work with her. I’m doing very well and will continue to improve😎
December 10, 2018
She was very nice and respectful. My son enjoyed her lesson very much!!

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Anastassia K.



Shannon F.

Lutz, FL


"Experienced voice teacher of 10 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages 13 and up. I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong vocal technique. I am a proponent of Functional Singing which focuses on how the vocal mechanism works. It allows both teacher and singer to explore the voice and its associated muscle systems. Singers learn to embrace their voice, not one that is falsified through imitation.
Want to sing as easy as you speak? Then contact me and let's get to work.

About Shannon

Shannon teaches functional singing which aims to improve vocal range, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly: healthy singing.

Shannon received her M.M. in Vocal Performance at Louisiana State University. She has performed extensively in Europe and the U.S. in opera, musical theater and concerts.

Before moving to Tampa, Florida, She lived in North Carolina where she taught as an adjunct voice professor for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Methodist University. She also maintained her own private studio where she coached students on audition preparation for college and professional theater auditions.

Her students consists of actors, dancers, and singers of opera, musical theater, and pop. She teaches students of all ages, but tends to work mostly with adult and high school aged singers.


August 6, 2019
Shannon made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in my ability. Wonderful first class and Shannon is amazing!
September 13, 2018
Noel D.
great experience- looking forward to my next lesson.
August 5, 2018
Joyce P.
I had a wonderful experience with Shannon, she is everything I was hoping for in voice techniques and singing fuctions you need to achieve in your singing.
She has a wonderful disposition and personality that even helps you more with your lesson. I would recomend her definately to my family and friends.

Joyce Parclewicz

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Shannon F.

Lutz, FL


Anne R.

Tampa, FL

Bgcheck Background Checked

Do you love to sing? Well, you're in luck, because I'd love to help! We can go over proper breathing, posture, diction, presence and more!

About Anne

Having studied voice since the age of 5, Anna has a passion for singing that steeps far beyond what most comprehend at first glance: Anna has a moderate-severe hearing loss. Realizing early that her affliction was progressive, she worked tirelessly to internalize pitch, harmonize, and adapt. Both a teacher of piano and voice, and a performer as well. For thirteen years, she has taught students of all ages and levels. She also has experience in teaching students with up to moderate autism, visual and hearing impairments.

She holds a degree in Music Education, as well as had solos in York Minster, and Stirling Castle of England and Scotland, respectively.

These days, she can be seen performing in Master Chorale of Tampa Bay or at solo events. When she's not performing or teaching, she enjoys sewing costumes.

Promotions are valid

for Tampa Students ONLY.

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Anne R.

Tampa, FL

Colleen C.

Saint Petersburg, FL

I am a singer/"award winning" songwriter from Canada living in Florida

I teach singing, songwriting and guitar lessons

I can help you reach your music dreams

About Colleen

Colleen C. Clark is a singer/songwriter/guitar player who started playing out in Florida , USA , after her brother Eric died of Aids at the age of 29.

Colleen's song "Tango with the Devil" won best Pop/Spoken Word Akademia Awards.

One of her original songs titled “Tango with the Devil” won finalist position in a UK songwriting contest and was chosen for film placement for a Canadian film titled “Me, My Mom and a Whistle”.

She won semi-finalist position for her love song “Under Your Spell” in a UK Songwriting Contest)

Her song “Forbidden Love” won the Director’s Award by the Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competition for Valentine’s.

Her song "Miss You Baby" was nominated for a Grammy Award by Canadian American Records.

She's a native of Canada , and loves to touch people with music.


View Details

Colleen C.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Henry F.

Tampa, FL

Bgcheck Background Checked

I love singing music, theory, sounds and the joy it brings people.

I’m a natural tenor with range, subtlety and power; which can all be taught with fun, respect and mutual cooperation. I’m a father of 5 so kids/teens are more than appropriate but adults (beginner/advanced) are welcomed too. I’m open but not limited to lessons, prep for shows/auditions/recitals for specific songs, vocal maintenance and confidence training.

About Henry


I’m Henry and you’ll make the right decision choosing me because your skill level nor your personal/musical background matters, in regards to achieving the goals WE SET FORTH.

I’m old school and new school, I dig all genres and styles. The possibilities are endless in terms of what we can achieve: not all participant have the same needs/goals and I treat everyone with the flexibility, understanding and respect all students deserve. Lets be dedicated to have fun and learn together!


View Details

Henry F.

Tampa, FL

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"Yun is my first professional singing coach. She is really patient and great at explaining breathing techniques."
"Outstanding teacher

Outstanding teacher. Works well with children as well as adults. Fun exercises to teach proper breathing. Willing to work with whatev
er style you prefer. One word of warning, avoid in studio lessons if allergic to cats."
""Best lesson ever" -Ray
Very good with my daughter keeping her focused & making the lesson fun."
"Before taking lessons with Kelly I had been trying to learn to sing on my own for 3 years. In one month I had made an exponential leap in ability to sing
on all levels. Breathing, tone, pitch, projection and then some. Not only vocally but Kelly has been amazingly positive and supporting in my life overall. She makes it very easy to learn with her and breaks down techniques with examples. Wouldn't want to learn with anyone else."
"Eric is a great instructor who takes the time to understand who you are as a vocalist. He is strategic and intentional when assigning lessons and exercise
Looking forward to my next lesson!"
"Awesome looking forward to many more this val!"
"Yun has a solid knowledge of music. She is willing to share everything she knows with students. She told me the mechanism behind singing when she gave me
the first lesson. She uses a lot of examples to explain vocal techniques, which is very clear and helpful."
"While my son has only taken a few lessons with Marissa, we highly value her instruction. She's prepared, focused, and personable. My son isn't only lear
ning to sing a song. He's learning the art of vocal training. It's amazing to hear his development in only 3 lessons so far. Marissa is definitely a great teacher."

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The Music of Tampa Bay

By Lorraine M. - Tampa Voice Teacher

Welcome music lovers! Lorraine M. here and I teach piano, guitar and singing lessons in Tampa. I can say I am truly blessed to be part of such a diverse and wonderful community where we can share our passions and ambitions - especially when we can express ourselves through music.

One of the great things about teaching singing lessons in Tampa is the variety of cultures I encounter. I have taught students from all kinds of different backgrounds, and there is nothing more amazing than creating a bond through the universal language of music. Language and cultural gaps are bridged by a chord. Stress is strummed away as more and more people turn to music for new enrichment. Whether learning it, making it, listening to it, working out with it, or using it as ambient noise, people everywhere indulge in music to accompany and witness life. Music is expression to the highest degree and it deepens our already culturally rich pocket of Florida. Country, Cuban, Haitian, East Indian and more all come together in a cultural orchestra, and the symphony is like none other.

There are also tons of performance opportunities where I can easily make relationships and connect with people all around me through our common love for music. Of course there are the great concert venues that pack people in from Ocala, Orlando and even Naples, but even more intimate are the myriads of private venues giving performers like myself opportunities to really embrace those around us through music. Whether you love to listen to it or want to share your dreams with the world, music is the thread in the quilt of culture. Take singing lessons in Tampa and learn the language of the universe!

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