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About Jesse M.

Sunnyvale, CA

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Learn to speak and read Japanese, have fun, and get considerably better results than you would in a class.

Or use this as a supplement to an existing class and completely surpass it's standards.

Explore the methods that make it possible to be conversational within a year.

About Jesse
I'm currently not taking beginner students on voice/singing, guitar, bass, drums, piano, and ukulele. I highly recommend my studio partners Melissa though. Please check out her profile:


My Background

I've been playing with classical ensembles and rock bands since 2001. Even though I started on classical trombone and rock guitar, I have come to expand my repertoire to a variety of instruments and genres. During my time in college I performed with the University choir, orchestra, and band. I also have organized, wrote/arranged for, and performed with a variety of bands in my home state of New Mexico, as well as Japan, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 2006 I have been an active teacher. This profession has taken me everywhere from working with classical guitar classes in New Mexico high schools to Elementary students in Japan to a variety of private students of various musical instruments and genres everywhere I've been. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2010, I've had the pleasure of working with lots of great students from kids to adults with a wide range of ambitions. Since 2012 I've been running my own full time studio.

Philosophy of Learning

Lessons are generally designed to work towards giving students the tools to accomplish their goals and become increasingly independent over time. While all students will study similar fundamentals regarding technique, theory, and performance, every lesson is as different as every person. What kind of music do you want to make? I'll tell you what you need to do to get there, and help you take the steps to achieve your aspirations.

I also love to help students put together a song, record, and produce it for them so that they can have a recording to share with their friends and family.

I also hold events for my students. (Check out our pictures and videos below!)
Younger students have opportunities to perform for friends and family at my studio every few months. Once or twice a year we'll also stage a larger event off site for more individual students and bands classes to perform.
Adult students also occasionally have events where they get a chance to get together and play music as well.

Aside from in-studio lessons, students also have the option to sign up for online lessons via Skype.
(*Online lessons offered during different times than in-studio lessons.)

*Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, I'm not currently accepting students for bi-weekly lessons. I can do regular weekly lessons, or occasional drop-in lessons, but bi-weekly appointments make it really hard for me to give the best scheduled times to my existing weekly students. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

My studio is equipped with:

*Music Stands

*A P.A. System

*Vocal and instrument microphones

*Guitars, Basses, Ukulele, Banjos, etc

*Two guitar amps and a bass amp

*Various percussion including a fully equipped acoustic drum set

*A Roland V-Drums electronic drum set

*An electric piano console and Yamaha organ

*A MicroKorg Synthesizer

*A Tuba, Trombone, Cornet, Saxophone, and Flute

*An extensive physical and virtual music library

*A recording system that students are not only welcome to use but encouraged to

*HD Webcam and condenser microphone for high fidelity online lessons via Skype
Vanessa October 22, 2018
· Singing · In studio
I like these singing classes
Vanessa October 20, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Still taking this class, it’s reviews are pending
Hima October 11, 2018
· Violin · In studio
Jesse is very knowledgeable and a really good instructor for beginners, as he makes sure we learn strong fundamentals . I started my violin classes as a beginner and could see my learning curve is ramping up very well.
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Jesse M.

Jesse M.

starting at
$65 / 30-min

About Richard W.

Provo, UT

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O genki desu ka?
Hi, I'm Richard, and I can teach you simple Japanese. I graduated from BYU in Japanese and lived as an LDS Missionary in Tokyo for two years in 2003-2005. I love teaching everything that I know in a simple, understandable way. So I can help you learn the basics faster than you would normally. I know what it's like learning in school where you seem to take forever, and don't get very good. I also know what it's like talking to many people in Japan, and learning very quickly, and knowing the difference. I want to help you learn as efficiently and as quickly as possible. I also have a one hour presentation of the basics of Japanese grammar, that basically covers like the first 2 years of college Japanese classes! No joke, it's a powerpoint presentation I've put together that will really give you the "big picture" with the backwards grammar that we try to understand. Ask me any question, and I'll do my best to help you out! Mata ne!

About Richard
My goal is to help students ENJOY the piano by finding ways to make it easier and doable. I have a very useful approach in helping students become self sufficient to sight read very well, to see patt
erns, understand music theory to either help them play well, or to even create their own music(I compose a lot of great music as well)

I couldn't sight read very well until I was 16, but I had a great sight reading teacher that showed me how to develop it, and now I can say that I'm one of the best sight readers out there that I know. I was a ballet pianist at Brigham Young University for several years where all I did was sightread binders full of ballet/classical music. I play for choirs, church congregations, jazz bands, or musical jam sessions all the time, and I couldn't do that at all if I didn't learn how to sight read well. I would love to help you learn the piano, and I will do my best to make learning as effective as possible. I especially enjoy teaching those who quit and would like to try again, because I know what that is like.

Concerning my musical background, I've played, arranged, and composed piano for choirs, bands, jazz combos, singers. I've been in bands all my life, and have composed for jazz bands, choirs, and orchestras at BYU and in Eastern Europe. I also play about 10 different instruments. I won two Student Emmys in Hollywood for my compositions to BYU's animations in 2010 & 2014.

I am currently writing music for video games.
Jeffrey September 16, 2018
· Arrangement and Composition · In studio
Initially my son was reluctant to take lessons. He would conveniently forget the time and day of his lesson. But after three lessons the conversation changed, he reminded me of the time and day. Over the last four lessons Richard and my son have recorded a song. I recommend Richard to any Parent with children that are interested in music as the subject matter. He is accomplished, gracious, demanding but patient.
Dahlin September 13, 2018
· Japanese · In home
The instructor seemed impatient and it was easy to tell he would rather be doing something else. If you don't learn quickly, you might struggle with this instructor.
Megan .. August 29, 2018
· Japanese · Online
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Richard W.

Richard W.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Sayaka S.

Pompano Beach, FL
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Want to watch japanese anime without English msubtitle? Sing japanese song? I’m here to help you to understand the meaning and also pronounciation! I love anime, I love to sing, and fluent in Japanese. I know the sturggle to learn second/third languages but why not give Yourself a try! It could change your life :) feel free to message me anytime!

About Sayaka
I’m a student in music university studying Piano and Trumpet. I have played many repertoire in orchestra including fire bird by Stravinsky , The new world symphony by Dvorak. My passion is to enjoy an
ything I do, in other word I would not do anything If I don’t see it interesting. Teaching music is one of them, my music teacher from high school has inspired me so much that I would love to be like him and here I am.
Also I am fluent in Japanese, born and grew up over there so Japanese is the best subject for me :) if you have any question, don’t hesitate to message me!
John C. November 7, 2017
· Japanese · In home
Sayaka really friendly and knowledgeable about Japanese languages. My daughter really enjoyed learning from her. Looking forward to go there again.
Johann September 25, 2017
· Classical Piano · In studio
She is so nice and smart. She has a lot of patience with me because I'm a beginner. I really learn a lot from her regarding technique and how to sound. She is really the best instructor I've ever had!
Ashley September 23, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home
I have always searched for the best instructor I can provide for my daughter. Sayaka ended up being the one I stayed with due to her professionalism and her great humor towards my daughter! My daughter has learned a lot from working with Sayaka and I would recommend everyone around to get lessons from sayaka because you definitely will learn a lot!
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Sayaka S.

Sayaka S.

Pompano Beach, FL 33060
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Yoshifumi O.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I'll create customized classes for you. I'll teach you to SPEAK the language. Lessons are dynamic, fun and give you confidence, incorporating things you like: Japanese Newspaper, Anime, J-POP Music,Movies, current events, and much more.

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I have over 25 years of teaching Japanese Language experience at my own school in Davie FL that . I have many students from beginner to advanced level. Especially If you like Anime and Japanese movies I am perfect for you.

One-on-one, small groups, company-wide programs, online, in person.

About Yoshifumi
Native Japanese speaker with Education business background, love to teach kids too! Hi. I'm Yoshifumi , born and raised in Tokyo Japan through university graduate education.

I have Martial Arts an
d Japanese Language teacher experience in Japan and USA for 28years.
Currently I am Martial Arts School Owner live in Florida .
Almond October 17, 2018
· Japanese · Online
Finally I found native speaker of Japanese.
(Before him other Takelessons teachers weren’t t Japanese. )
Also Yoshi is very skillful teacher that I like.
Kennedy L. October 2, 2018
· Japanese · Online
7stars! Oyamada Sensei is awesome! I am his student from this spring. He is very patient, knowledgeable and understanding. Definitely recommend!
Jordan M. September 29, 2018
· Japanese · Online
Oyamada Sensei is very good at finding a student's skill level and tailoring his instruction to improve the skills and challenge the limits of the student, which has quickly spurred me on to dramatic improvements in my Japanese ability after only 3 lessons. He also makes it fun by playing to the interests of the student and keeping the sessions light and full of humor. Highly recommended if you want to work hard, have fun, and learn Japanese!
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Yoshifumi O.

Yoshifumi O.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328
starting at
$15 / 25-min

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