young drummers on youtube

Get Inspired: 10 Young Drummers You Should Be Watching


young drummers on youtube

While it can take years to master drumming, some drummers are just blessed with natural talent. If you’re looking for some motivation to grab your sticks and practice drums, then you should check out these young drummers who are totally crushing it on YouTube.

If these kids can do it, why can’t you?

Toxic to the Competition

It’s hard to believe this little rock star could play like this when he was only five years old. Check out his cover of “Toxicity” by System of a Down.

Jonah is 10 years old now, and the self-taught rocker is still killing it on the drums.

Teen Dream

This kilt-wearing drum line calls themselves the Hot Scots. They put together this routine for their high school talent show.

No Y Chromosome? No problem!

This is teen drumming sensation, Senri Kawaguchi. The Japanese drummer has some serious sticking skills, and as you can see, she certainly knows her way around a drum kit.

Little Drummer Boy

Watch this pint-sized percussionist jam out to Joan Jett. Howard Wong was only three years old when he wowed the web with his drumming skills.

Stunning Street Performance

This is 17-year-old drummer Baard Kolstad. The talented Norwegian musician made it to the semi-finals of “Norse Talenter,” Norway’s version of “America’s Got Talent.”

Own It

Paulina Villarreal Vélez is a 12-year-old drummer from New Mexico. She was only 10 when this video blew up on YouTube.

Read more about Paulina here.

Australian Super Star

Nine-year-old semi-finalist Jagger Alexander-Erber rocks out on “Australia’s Got Talent 2012.” This young drummer’s skills left Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts speechless.

Takes You to Paradise

Avery Molek has been drumming since he was two years old. The eight-year-old drummer draws his inspiration from artists like KISS, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses.

Avery performs with different bands and also plays solo shows.

He’s Got Teen Spirit

Check out teenage drumming star Oscar Ogden. In 2013, Oscar was a finalist for UK’s Young Drummer of the Year.

Miniature Music Prodigy

Believe it or not, Anshuman Nandi picked up his first pair of drum sticks when he was only nine months old!

It’s never too late. Kids and adults of all ages can learn drums. With today’s technology and so many resources available, there’s never been a better time to start playing drums.

Parents often ask “is my child ready for drum lessons?” Although these young drummers are special cases, the talented youngsters prove that kids can play drums, too. Want to find out if your child is ready for drum lessons? Get the answer here.

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