6 Awesome Drum Websites to Help You Practice at Home

5 Awesome Drum Websites to Help You Practice at Home

6 Awesome Drum Websites to Help You Practice at Home

While working one-on-one with lessons are the best way to learn drums, there are also some great online resources you can use to help you practice your skills. Here are six drum websites we recommend so you don’t miss a beat between lessons.

Vic Firth Education Resource Center

The Vic Firth Education Resource Center offers an array of learning tools including videos on basic percussion skills, snare drum specific lessons, concert/keyboard percussion skills, marching/world percussion fundamentals and play-along tracks. You can also find great info on drum history and the fundamentals of various drumming styles like jazz, funk, groove, and fusion. The website networks a community of drummers from all percussion specialties, from amateurs to professionals.

Free Drum Lessons

Free Drum Lessons is very well organized and features hundreds of different lesson plans which allow you to progress at your own rate. There are resources for beginning, intermediate, and advanced drummers. From stick grip and equipment, to music theory and play-along exercises, this website is useful for drummers of all ages and skill levels.


Drummerworld deems itself an encyclopedia-like website. The site features videos of master drummers from all different genres. In addition to these videos, you can access free drum clinics, a discussion forum, sounds and grooves, and much more. The site is fast and free, and though 50 percent of traffic is from the U.S. and Canada, its reach spans across percussionists and fans in 248 countries.


This site has a free library of video drum lessons on a wide variety of topics. Easily searchable lessons are organized by beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. You can find lessons on everything from “De-Stupefying Your Weak Hand” to “Expressing Yourself on the Drums”. The site also offers two different DVD-based series lessons and a daily video drum lesson subscription available for purchase.

Play Drums Now

Most of the content on Play Drums Now is free. The main “How to Play Drums” training program allows drummers to improve rapidly to enjoy the fun of playing. Focusing on vital drumming skills, the site provides tons of free, field-tested drum lessons and training books. In addition to the free content, you can also find mini eBook drum lessons on timing, rhythm, grooves and fills for $6 or less. More extensive printed lessons on coordination and layering rhythms are also available for a nominal fee.

These five drum websites will help you practice at home and reinforce what you’re learning in your drum lessons. Remember, although the internet is a great resource for aspiring drummers, there’s no substitute for private lessons with a qualified teacher.

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