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What's the Best JavaScript Book? Recommendations from an Expert

February 11, 2021

What's the Best JavaScript Book? Recommendations from an Expert

Do you want to learn JavaScript but don’t know where to start? Or are you tired of those long boring videos and looking for the best JavaScript books to guide your learning? This post is the bus stop where you will find the bus loaded with the answers to all your questions.

JavaScript is a great programming language to learn because it is used everywhere. Although originally developed for Netscape – one of the earliest Internet browsers to make it smart, most web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer all use JavaScript and by default, inherit the smart functionality.

With the power of JavaScript, It became possible to transform web pages from simple, boring “looking-like” documents into full-blown interactive applications and also made it possible to hover over an image, display visual effects on web pages, and even make them interactive as you scroll through them.

Yes, JavaScript was created to make web pages dynamic but has now broken the chains limiting it to this function alone and can now be run on web servers to create websites. Not only that, JavaScript can even be used to control robots (and other hardware) and is now a primary building block of powerful and robust applications.

Books play important roles in learning and are rich sources of knowledge. They do a great job breaking down complex topics and ideas into easily digestible chunks. With books, you are likely to get a complete picture of any given idea or topic and I am going to introduce you to some of the best JavaScript books to guide your learning.

JavaScript Books to Guide Your Learning Journey

In this post, I will provide you with the best books to learn and master the JavaScript language. These books were designed to be beginner-friendly and contain comprehensive knowledge of the JavaScript language laid down in simple words. Here are the JavaScript books that made it to our list.

JavaScript for Kids: A playful introduction to programming by Nick Morgan

This book was written by Nick Morgan, a front-end engineer at Twitter with a soft spot for JavaScript. In this book, you will learn to program with JavaScript – the language of the web and learn some helpful tips about programming especially if it is your first time. Although the book is designed to be kid-friendly (You can infer from the title of the book), it can serve as a first programming book for beginners of all ages.

With this book, you will build up your knowledge of JavaScript starting with the fundamentals before moving onto complex ones. Along the way, you will put concepts learned to good use by designing some useful programs to stretch your programming skills.

Learn JavaScript visually by Ivelin Demirov

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and after reading this book, you will also testify to this. If you are new to JavaScript and are in need of a short, straight to the point book on it, then, Learn JavaScript visually is the right book for you. This book was written for those who:

  • find Programming books boring
  • can’t read long technical texts
  • tried to learn JavaScript before but unfortunately, hit a dead end
  • and those who are new to JavaScript and want to catch up fast with it.

This book makes it easier to learn JavaScript fundamentals through analogies, step-by-step exercises, and colorful illustrations that help your brain retain all that you have learned or are learning.

JavaScript: The good parts by Douglas Crockford

This book was written by Douglas Crockford – a computer programmer who was involved in the development of the JavaScript language and is one of the major influencers of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) – a popular and the most used data-interchange format.

Though this book was released in 2008, It is still very relevant today. It is no news that the JavaScript language was created and released in a rush before it could be refined and thus, contains a lot of errors and bad programming practices (many of which, pointed out in the book, have been corrected).

JavaScript: The good parts is a book dedicated to pointing out all the good parts of JavaScript from the well obvious ones to the smallest detailed ones. In order to highlight the elegant parts of JavaScript, Douglas Crockford digs thoroughly into the heart of JavaScript and unravels all the magic done by the language, showing all the inner workings and details. This is what makes the book one of the best.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan

While reading through the preface of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, I stumbled upon a phrase saying, “This book is for Programmers who want to learn JavaScript”. Knowing that these words are from the mouth of the author of the best seller and go-to-guide for JavaScript Programmers, I was assured that It was the book I was looking for, and fortunately, it didn’t disappoint.

JavaScript has undergone so many changes over the years and this book has been rewritten several times, with each edition covering the latest development of the programming language. The latest edition is the seventh edition and is a rich resource to turn to when you have any questions. This book contains details from fundamentals of the language to the complex, advanced details and is designed for beginner, intermediate and expert programmers.

Books can be tiring and frustrating to read at times but regardless of when you finish reading them, one thing is certain – these books will help you gain a thorough knowledge of the JavaScript language.

Now that you are well informed and have knowledge on what books would guide your learning, don’t hesitate to get them and continue learning.


Adedayo Ajao