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The Top Benefits of Taking Public Speaking Classes Online

May 19, 2023

The Top Benefits of Taking Public Speaking Classes Online

Speaking in front of a crowd is one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of being an adult; however, public speaking comes with a lot of powerful benefits.  

Whether it’s delivering an important presentation at work or giving an engaging TED talk on stage, those who can speak confidently in front of others have demonstrated their ability to think quickly on their feet and convey powerful messages to audiences.  

But what makes a good public speaker, and how can you learn to become one? Here’s what you need to know. 

Can You Learn Public Speaking Online? 

Yes! There are many online courses and resources available to help you learn the skills needed to become a great public speaker.  

  • General online courses are available to teach techniques and strategies for public speaking. 
  • By taking these courses, learners can gain confidence and master the art of public speaking with practice.  
  • Other online resources provide access to helpful tips, videos, and other materials.  
  • More specific virtual coaching is also available to help learners become more confident speakers in certain settings, such as professional speeches or debates.  

From videos and tutorials to interactive classes, there’s something for everyone. Sign up for public speaking lessons today, and check out the benefits of public speaking tutoring by watching the video below:  

What Makes a Good Public Speaker? 

Public speaking can be intimidating, but with practice and the right skills, anyone can become a great public speaker. From a sales pitch to a keynote speech, effective public speaking can make or break your message. So, what makes a good public speaker? 


One of the most important things that makes a good public speaker is confidence. When a speaker is confident in their ability to speak, it shows in their delivery style, tone, and overall presence on stage.  

Confidence also helps to establish credibility and authority with the audience.  

Preparation is a key component of confidence when it comes to public speaking. A good speaker is thoroughly prepared by researching and knowing their material, practicing their delivery, and anticipating questions or challenges. 

Ability to Connect With Audience 

Being able to connect with your audience is another crucial aspect of public speaking. Effective speakers use a variety of methods to engage their audience, including storytelling, humor, and personal anecdotes. They also tailor their message to their audience’s needs, interests, and demographics.  

Connection builds a sense of rapport with the audience and helps the audience feel invested in what the speaker is saying. 

Strong Speaking Skills 

Along with being able to connect with the audience, good public speakers have strong speaking skills. They speak clearly, distinctly, and with a positive tone. This means avoiding filler words, such as “like” or “um,” and enunciating every word.  

A good public speaker uses pauses for emphasis and to allow the audience to process information. They also project their voice and vary their speech pace, volume, and pitch to keep the audience engaged. 

Ability to Think Quickly 

Another important quality that a good public speaker must have is the ability to think on their feet. No matter how well-prepared a speaker is, unexpected questions or challenges can arise.  

Good public speakers are quick to respond, improvising on the spot with clear and concise answers that demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. They also recognize when they don’t know the answer and don’t attempt to cover it up. Instead, they use the opportunity to show honesty and humility by acknowledging the gap in their knowledge. 

Strong Body Language 

Finally, a good public speaker has strong body language. An effective public speaker is aware of their posture, gestures, and facial expressions. They stand up straight, use engaging hand motions, and make eye contact with people in the audience.  

This helps to establish trust, build rapport, and keep the audience focused on the speaker. A good public speaker also uses facial expressions and timing to emphasize their message, portray emotion, and create a deeper connection with the audience. 

Why Should I Learn Public Speaking? 

Are you a shy or introverted person who avoids speaking in public at all costs? Or maybe you are someone who enjoys speaking, but wants to improve and be more effective in engaging your audience?  

Whatever the case may be, the ability to speak publicly is an essential skill for personal and professional growth.  

Career Advancement  

One of the most obvious benefits of public speaking is its impact on your career growth. If you are seeking a promotion or looking for a job, public speaking can be a major asset. Most jobs these days require some form of public speaking, whether it is presenting ideas, leading meetings, training teams, or representing the company to the public.  

By being able to articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely, you will be perceived as a competent and confident professional who is comfortable in their own skin. As you continue to speak, your audience will become more engaged with what you have to say, which can lead to more opportunities and positive recognition.  

Improves Critical Thinking Skills  

Public speaking requires diligent preparation, research, and practice. When delivering a speech or presentation, you need to be able to think on your feet and adapt to unexpected situations.  

This improvisation requires careful consideration of your audience and your words, which can ultimately lead to the development of stronger critical thinking skills. Engaging in public speaking will not only help you to analyze problems more effectively but also enhance your ability to think creatively and come up with persuasive arguments.  

Enhances Personal Growth  

Learning valuable skills to improve yourself is a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem.  

Public speaking can be a challenging task, but once you have surpassed these obstacles, you will experience a great sense of accomplishment.  

With each speech you give, you will become more confident in your abilities, which will be reflected in your body language and tone of voice. This newfound confidence will translate into more positive interactions with others, both professionally and personally. You may find yourself being better at negotiating, persuading, and communicating your needs and wants to others.  

Builds Stronger Relationships  

Being a proficient communicator can help build stronger relationships in all aspects of your life.  

Not only does it improve your relationship with yourself, but it also enhances your relationships with others. You will be able to better communicate your ideas or needs, which in turn allows you to connect with others on a deeper level. 

Being a good listener is also a crucial component of public speaking, and by learning how to listen effectively, you can build trust and understanding with others, thus strengthening your relationships.  

How Long Does it Take to Learn Public Speaking Online? 

The answer depends on your current level of experience and the tools you choose to use. If you’re a beginner, it may take some time to become comfortable with the basics.  

You’ll need to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of public speaking and how to structure an effective presentation. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can hone your skills with practice and repetition. 

For those with some experience in public speaking, the learning process could be much faster. You may already have a good grasp of the fundamentals, and be able to move on to more advanced topics such as body language and storytelling.  

Is it Better to Take a Public Speaking Class Online or in Person? 

Public speaking is a skill we all need to master, and fortunately, there are a variety of ways to do so. However, one dilemma we face is whether we should take a public speaking class online or in person. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but which is better? 

One of the most significant advantages of taking a public speaking class online is that it’s incredibly flexible. You can take the classes at any time and from anywhere, as long as you have access to a stable internet connection. This is especially beneficial for individuals who have busy schedules or those who live in remote areas. On the other hand, in-person classes have a set schedule and location, which might not work for everyone. 

Online public speaking classes are generally more affordable than in-person ones. You don’t have to worry about transportation costs, parking fees, or accommodation expenses if you live far away.  

Moreover, some online platforms offer free courses, which is an excellent way to get started on your public speaking journey without breaking the bank. However, in-person classes might be more expensive because of the resources required to conduct them. 

Another factor to consider is your learning style. Some individuals prefer online classes because they can learn at their own pace and have access to a variety of information sources. You can pause, rewind, or fast-forward a lecture if you need to, and you can take quizzes and tests whenever you feel ready.  

What to Consider When Taking Online Public Speaking Classes 

There are plenty of online resources available to help you refine and develop your public speaking skills. 

When it comes to learning public speaking online, the key is to find the right resources and dedicate yourself to practice as you build confidence. Online courses typically include video lessons and interactive activities to help you develop your skills. Depending on the course, and with the right approach, you could be delivering engaging presentations and speeches in as little as four weeks. 

Whatever your experience level, the most important thing is to practice regularly. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with public speaking. You may even find yourself enjoying it. 

How Do Online Public Speaking Classes Work? 

If you’re interested in a public speaking class online, you might be wondering, how do you take a public speaking class online?  

Online public speaking classes come in various formats, depending on the provider or platform. Some classes are live, meaning that you’ll meet your instructor and classmates in real time through video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype.  

Live classes usually follow a schedule, with set times for lectures, discussions, and assignments. Others are pre-recorded, where you watch video lessons at your own pace and complete assignments on your own. Pre-recorded classes also come with perks like lifetime access to course materials, forums, and community support. 

Online public speaking classes use different types of learning materials, such as videos, podcasts, lectures, interactive quizzes, and written assignments. Interactive quizzes and assessments help you measure your progress and get feedback. Some instructors also provide supplementary materials such as reading lists, case studies, and real-life examples to complement the course content. 

The curriculum of an online public speaking class typically covers the fundamentals of public speaking, such as audience analysis, speech preparation, delivery, and handling Q&A sessions.  

Advanced classes may also include topics such as persuasion techniques, speechwriting, presenting to different audiences, and overcoming public speaking anxiety. The curriculum usually builds on each lesson, providing a structured framework for mastering public speaking. 

How Much Do Online Public Speaking Classes Cost? 

Online public speaking classes range quite a bit in cost depending on the length and type of course. Some courses are free, while others can cost hundreds of dollars.  

Do your research to find the right course for you and your budget. 

If you’re looking for a more extensive course, but you’re on a budget, many platforms offer inexpensive public speaking classes. TakeLessons offers some of the best and most affordable public speaking classes out there, so be sure to explore your options.  

Which is the Best Online Public Speaking Course? 

There are a variety of online courses available to help you learn public speaking. Some of the most popular include Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare. 

Of course, TakeLessons offers the very best online public speaking course you’ll find.  

One of the reasons TakeLessons stands out is its personalized approach to learning. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all program, TakeLessons offers tailored lessons for each student based on their unique needs, goals, and skill level.  

Another key advantage of TakeLessons is the quality of its instruction. TakeLessons’ public speaking instructors are highly experienced and accomplished public speakers themselves. They have a deep understanding of the nuances of effective communication, have honed their skills through years of practice, and are adept at teaching others how to do the same.  

Plus, they are passionate about their work and dedicated to helping their students succeed. When you take a course with TakeLessons, you can be confident that you are learning from the best. 

Is it Worth Taking Public Speaking Online? 

Public speaking is an invaluable skill that can be used in many aspects of life. With the right resources and practice, you can learn to become a great public speaker and reap the rewards.  

From boosting your confidence to engaging your audience, the power of public speaking is undeniable. 

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