7 thoughts on “Don’t Miss a Beat: The 10 Best Websites for Drum News

  1. Lately, I found myself interested in drumming and so I finally made the decision into drum lessons. A few lessons past and I see the need for a drum set at home. What could be a good brand and an ideal budget? thanks for your advice.

  2. Thank you for this list as I have now something to follow. I’ll bookmark this page. My friend just started drumming and watching her makes me jealous as she is good at it. I am thinking to pick another musical instrument so that we can hang together and play music.

  3. This is a great collection of resources for drumming, I was wondering how do you feel about electronic drums?

  4. This is great list of drumming resources. I actually have a website with reviews of different drum sets and accessories that will fit all kinds of budgets. I have reviews for acoustic drum set and even electronic kits. I hope this helps someone looking to get their own gear.

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