Don’t Miss a Beat: The 10 Best Websites for Drum News

DRum News

If you’re serious about learning drums, you want to stay up to date with all the latest drum news. These 10 sites are great sources for gear reviews, industry news, artist interviews, and anything else experienced and aspiring drummers need to know.

1. Drummer Cafe

A leading resource for percussion and drum news, Drummer Cafe  connects a community of players from novice to professional.

Read the latest industry stories, check out product reviews, and find out about upcoming events like drumming clinics and specialty classes.

2. Not So Modern Drummer

Not So Modern Drummer is your go-to source for columns, product reviews (including a Drums of the Month feature), and other industry updates.

Stay up to date with the latest drum news by subscribing to the free monthly newsletter.

3. DrumChattr

On DrumChattr, you can find opinion pieces from top drummers on everything from recent performances and gear, to professional development advice and technique tips.

If you’d rather listen instead of reading, there is also a podcast with drummer interviews.

4. The Official Kind Beats

Along with advice, tutorials, and free drum loops, The Official Kind Beats website specializes in artist interviews.

Drummer Andrew McAuley runs the site, and posts on upcoming events, book releases, and the latest gear.

5. Sick Drummer Magazine

Sick Drummer Magazine features tips, tricks, and drum news from professionals in grind, metal, hardcore, progressive, and experimental styles.

Watch drum videos and catch up with the latest industry news.

“Sick Drummer Magazine is the first interactive drum magazine to focus on extreme drumming, while still providing content from other styles,” says I. Macdonald from Sick Drummer Magazine. “Our content is regularly promoting education through interviews, lessons, videos, and blogs from a wide variety of drummers, both up and coming, as well as established professionals.”

6. Music Radar

Music Radar is a top site for musicians, and there is an entire section dedicated to drums.

The site provides links to iPhone and iPad apps that you can use to practice, and you can also find press releases, news stories, reviews, and more.

7. Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer publishes many of their magazine features online, so you can read about industry news, events, products, and more.

Every few days, the site spotlights a different drummer, which gives you a chance to hear secrets and advice from your drumming idols.

Take a break from reading and check out some of the awesome performance videos.

8. Drummer Magazine

Drummer Magazine specializes in tuition pieces and interviews with drummers.

Catch up on the latest drum news and read gear reviews before making your next purchase.

9. Drum Gear Review

As the name implies, Drum Gear Review is all about products for drummers.

Read the unbiased opinions and recommendations on drums, cymbals, sticks, brushes, mallets, pedals, hardware, and more.

10. Vance West

This website and blog were created by professional live performer, studio musician, and gear blogger Vance West.

Find out about upcoming events, read interest pieces, and get a professional opinion on drum gear.

Whatever your style and interests, you can find all the inspiration you need on these websites.

What are your favorite sites for drum news?

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  1. Red Drum Music Studios
    Red Drum Music Studios says:

    Lately, I found myself interested in drumming and so I finally made the decision into drum lessons. A few lessons past and I see the need for a drum set at home. What could be a good brand and an ideal budget? thanks for your advice.

  2. Samantha L
    Samantha L says:

    Thank you for this list as I have now something to follow. I’ll bookmark this page. My friend just started drumming and watching her makes me jealous as she is good at it. I am thinking to pick another musical instrument so that we can hang together and play music.

  3. Yannick
    Yannick says:

    This is great list of drumming resources. I actually have a website with reviews of different drum sets and accessories that will fit all kinds of budgets. I have reviews for acoustic drum set and even electronic kits. I hope this helps someone looking to get their own gear.


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