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List of Dance Moves Names: 40+ Must-Know Steps

June 14, 2023

List of Dance Moves Names: 40+ Must-Know Steps

Would you like to be the person who knows all of the best dance moves names and can execute all of them? At first, learning these steps may seem complex, even unattainable. In reality, almost everyone can learn to dance. It’s simply a matter of breaking each dance into individual steps and practicing until you get it right.

Most of us have watched in awe as an amazing dancer showed off their skills at a party. Have you also noticed that these dancers aren’t always the suavest or most athletic folks? Instead, they are often just normal people who enjoy dancing and having fun.

How do you gain the same skills and confidence? Take the first step by reading through this list of dance moves names and steps.

What is the Most Common Dance Move?

Different regions and cultures may have their own unique popular dance moves, but in general, some of the most popular dance move names include:

  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Cha cha
  • Salsa
  • Hip hop
  • The Twist
  • Tap
  • The Robot
  • The Electric Slide
  • The Macarena

In this post, we’ll tell you all about what each of these names of dance moves means – and how you can get started groovin’ to the beat today. For now, consider signing up for dance lessons – and check out the myriad benefits of doing so by watching the video below: 

Why Learn How to Dance?

Dancing is a popular social activity that allows people to enjoy events and connect with others. When you can execute cool dance moves, not only will you have a great time. People around you will enjoy themselves as well. Of course, dancing is also an excellent tool for making romantic connections.

Here are some other benefits of learning dance move names and their steps:

  • Great physical activity
  • Parties and events are more enjoyable
  • It’s a healthy and productive hobby
  • You can share dancing with friends or loved ones
  • Learning to dance teaches you about other cultures

Think of dancing like playing a musical instrument. Start slowly and simply. Many of the most popular dance moves are easy enough to be done by a novice.

Ready to Start Dancing?

Here is a list of some of the coolest dance moves you can start practicing today. Some of these cool dance step names are popular classics. Others have just begun to trend.

The list mixes some dance steps that are designed to impress and others that are just for fun and nostalgia. Choose a few you’d like to start practicing today. You’ll enjoy the physical activity and impress your friends.

1. The Moonwalk

You can’t list iconic dance moves names without mentioning the moonwalk.

To execute this move, start with your feet aligned. Then slide your right foot back until it is directly behind your left, ending with only the ball of your right foot touching the floor. Now, slide your left foot back, but keep it flat on the floor. As you do this, shift your weight to your right foot. This approach allows your left foot to glide across the floor.

As soon as your left foot is behind your right, snap your left heel up and drop your right heel down.

2. The Floss

The floss is one the most popular dance move names of the last few years. It was featured on Saturday Night Live and the game Fortnite.

Start this stationary dance with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides, and hands in fists. Bend your knees slightly.

First, move both your arms together to the left. Your right arm should be in front of your body, and the left behind. As you do this, swing your hips to the right. Now, sweep both arms in front of your body and back to the right. This move will reorient your body to repeat the first move in the opposite direction.

3. The Dougie

The great thing about cool dance moves is you can personalize them. That’s what makes the Dougie so popular.

Start by simply swaying side to side with the beat. Step down alternately with your right and left foot as you sway. Feel free to tap or double tap on the third beat.

Now, add in your arm movements. Run your fingers through your hair, or pretend as if you are. Change hands and slightly shift your upper body as you sway from one side to the other.

4. Two-Step

This classic dance moves works with any song. Keep this in your list of popular dance moves names when you are trying to dance to music you don’t know.

Start with your legs together and step to the right with your right leg. Then step your left leg to the right, so your feet are together again. Repeat the move to the opposite side. Stay in rhythm with the music. Feel free to add arm moves like rolls, snaps, or claps.

5. Swing Dancing

One of the most popular dance steps names is swing. Swing dancing is full of acrobatics, leaps, and throws. However, you can get started with a few basic moves. Swing is a great dance to learn for wedding receptions and parties.

Begin with you and your partner holding hands. Now, let go of one hand and step apart. One partner will step with their right foot, and the other with their left.

Raise your hands that are still together. The leading partner can use their hand as leverage to spin their partner to the inside or outside. When the turn is complete, step back together and clasp hands.

6. Body Roll

When you think of dance moves names that are simple and a bit sexy, remember the body roll. This movement is popular in hip-hop dancing, Zumba, and club dance.

Start by looking up. Then, move your head, so you are looking at your chest. Pop your chest as you do this. Next, collapse your chest as you simultaneously push your hips forward. Now, bend your knees, and push your booty back.

7. Voguing

Start the vogue with your walk. The easiest move here is the catwalk. It’s simply a strut to the music on the balls of your feet. Now, add hands. Begin with simple face-framing movements and arm extensions.

8. The Robot 

 The robot, one of the most well-known