2 thoughts on “Reading Drum Sheet Music | 5 Tricks to Remember

  1. Nice article for a novice like me!
    I found it interesting especially b/c of the short cuts. I wish you would do an article on percussion with items that aren’t technically instruments ( like you did in the studio with my song “Accidentally”-was that a brake drum you used?)

  2. Hello,been playing the drums since I was 13,years old I’m now 42,.I was involved in a near death motorcycle accident but to the grace of god he spared my life but with some minor limitations which is my left hand that has minor dexterity due to my left arm being severed but they reatached it with a skin graff amen anyway with no sympathy I did my own rehabilitation with hand grips then came to the point to were I said it is time to sit on the throne again and let the chops begin. After about a year I retrain ed myself to play were I left off and I play better now to tell you truth as I know it came from thanking god every time I sat /sit down to practice I’m ready again to play full throttle. I am a 42,year old looking to give another shot at touring the US oh Yeah I forgot to mention I came close to getting sign back in the early 90’s with my band liquid Chris cross but we got shelved. I wanting to put together another project to see were it takes me.All I want is to tour the US yes the US I’m game and most definitely have the stamina and driven force to go along with my playing.

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