7 Cool Ways to Make Your Own Amazingly Creative Ukulele

So you want to know how to make a ukulele? Whether you’re feeling crafty on a rainy day, or you’re ready to set aside some serious build time, you can find a DIY ukulele project that’s right for you!

1. Cigar Box Ukulele

how to make a ukulele cigar box ukulele

This tutorial shows how to make an electric tenor ukulele using a cigar box and a few ukulele parts purchased online. Even with these simple components, you can fashion an instrument with a unique look and a great sound. Some of music’s greats, including legends like B.B. King and Carl Perkins, learned to play on cigar box instruments. Channel some of their genius with this cigar box uke.

2. Panjolele

how to make a ukulele panjolele

This “panjolele” is made using a cake pan, a few ukulele parts, and some other supplies you can get at your local hardware store. The roundness of the cake pan gives it the look of a banjo, but it still has the tuning and feel of a ukulele. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you might even experiment with using a different shaped pan.

3. Cardboard Ukulele

how to make a ukulele cardboard ukulele

If you’ve got a good pile of sturdy cardboard, a few small wooden parts, and a set of ukulele strings, you can put together a cardboard ukulele of your very own. This cardboard instrument is especially easy to paint and very light. Because it’s so easily customizable, this is a great DIY ukulele project whether you want to play the instrument or just hang it in your home as a decoration.

4. Laundry Detergent Bottle Ukulele

how to make a ukulele laundry detergent bottle

The creator of this unique recyclable ukulele made it with his small daughter in mind. The resulting design is a durable instrument that little hands can have tons of fun playing with (and dropping).  With just an empty detergent bottle and a handful of supplies from the hardware store, you can make a uke of your own.

5. Candy Tin Ukulele

how to make a ukulele candy tin

This candy tin ukulele looks pretty sweet to us! If you already have an empty candy box around, you’ll just need to pick up a few more supplies, and then follow the tutorial to learn how to make a ukulele yourself.

6. One Piece Ukulele

how to make a ukulele one piece ukulele

This one piece ukulele is fun, funky, and fast to make!  The person who created the tutorial used kids’ toys in place of tuners, which makes this instrument extra special. Can you think of something quirky and fun to include in your ukulele?

7. 3D Printed Ukulele

how to make a ukulele 3d printed ukulele

For a more techie-friendly homemade ukulele, check out this 3D printed uke. If you happen to have your own 3D printer, then you’ve already got everything to need to make your own ukulele.

No matter what kind of ukulele you decide to make or buy, the best part is learning to play your favorite songs or even writing songs of your own. Unlock your musical talent by taking ukulele lessons, and share your music with the ones you love. Enjoy your uke!

Have you ever made a ukulele or another cool DIY instrument? Tell us all about your project in the comments below!

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