(Why Do) You Wanna Learn To Play Guitar (pt.XVII)

Kurt Cobain

I got asked the question the other day about music that got me to think about the beliefs that I have about music and the future of the music I'll be making with the amount of knowledge that I have. 

"Where do you see your music taking you?"

This brings up numerous other questions and almost intrudes on the philosophy I have of music that I've kept personal for a long time.  Why do I play music?  Is it to start a band and become famous?  Is it to be on T.V.?  Do I wanna play huge concert venues to 1000's of fans?  Do I wanna set my guitar on fire and climactically smash all my gear?  Yeah, of course… and no at the same time…. but either way why does any of that reinforce what I've done and what I continue to do?  I've been teaching people and sharing my music with others since day one.  I've known for a long time (for me) that music was a long term deal.  Ya know, Kurt Cobain died the same time I was getting into music and the whole MTV image was something you were supposed to shy away from.  Darrell of Pantera passed a couple years ago. I've used my music as an outlet for frustration/expression with the same general hypocracies that most people have, and it always seemed to "cure" me.  To me, being able to hold a riff or hit a solo has always empowered me with a "this is what you're supposed to be doing" feeling.  So, where do I see my music taking me?

It's a really tough one to answer.  I can answer all the 20 questions that put my priorities in check when it comes to music and my habits are completely dedicated.  I don't think my outlook on music has changed much since I started.  I still crave the same things, maybe even more so now that I've had my doors opened up.  I still want the band… still desire a gig, and ultimately the goal should be to hit the largest audience possible with your best foot forward.  But haven't I already done that?  Didn't I write the songs/form the band/play the festivals/ record the cd's/ make the t-shirts/ book the bands/ network with the like minds already?  I'm thankful for everything, did I miss something?  Why do I still want more?

Because this is what I choose to do and this is the life I've created for myself. The pros outway the cons.  I see the endless possiblities of music and I've still got a long way to go before I'm done.  I hope to continue to inspire others to do the same and expand others minds to see how powerful music can really be.  It may very well be the way that I seek other friendships and relationships out of the deal rather than just end all be all on some stage in the middle of Eupope for example.  There's still a plan, and the plan is the answer to the end.  It's the big picture that hopefully continues to be asked, "Where do you see your music taking you?"


Jason Jason M

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