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Kyle H.

Kyle H.

Hello! My name is Kyle and I have 10+ years combined experience in music education, performance, and songwriting! My passion lies in two things: music and teaching. I remember how amazed I was as a child discovering music and the potential that it held and I want to pass that sense of wonder on to my students. I enjoy approaching each lesson with a mindset that fits the students thought process to help them understand music in their own way. Here's what students can expect from my lessons: - A personalized approach to music that best suits YOU! - Learn music that is interesting to you. This can be anything from pop to classical! Remember: this is your musical journey, not mine! :) - Incorporation of music theory and ear training in every lesson - Open line of communication at all times between student and teacher I have 2 years experience in public education as a choir director, piano director, and general music teacher for elementary and middle school students. I also have 8 years of teaching private lessons 1-on-1 and in a group setting. I am a piano accompanist for Frisco ISD and have previously performed in concerts for Ector County ISD and Odessa High School. I’ve composed music for live podcasts, online video games, potential upcoming TV shows, and local music groups. I’ve been involved with several music projects, including lead songwriter for jazz/pop group Abbey & The Afternoon and guitarist for The Doc Gibbs Band. Through these opportunities, I’ve gained knowledge in many genres including pop, rock, country, jazz, and classical. I look forward to help you in any way I can along your musical journey!
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