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Ben B.

I have a Ph.D. in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Philosophy, and further degrees in French and German, and thus I have more expertise and experience - having taught these languages in many countries - than the average teacher.
/45 minutes

Spiros S.

I am a native Greek- Athenian college educated who is teaching modern Greek in New York for the past 10 years with many satisfied and happy students and many recommendations. I use the same method and books as at the Athens Centre for Greek Studies which is an established and efficient method of teaching with great results. All levels and all ages are welcome from beginners to advanced students. References: Both my husband I have been taking lessons in Greek from Spiros for several years. My husband is Greek-American, but did not learn the language growing up, and we travel to Greece fairly often to visit relatives. We had taken Greek lessons years ago with mixed results. That teacher's rote drills of grammar made for very slow and tedious progress. In contrast, when we started taking lessons again with Spiros after many years, we began to learn to converse immediately. We certainly learned grammar from textbooks, but also honed our skills by putting our lessons into practical use and conversation. In our lessons, we review grammar and vocabulary, work on reading and writing skills and practice conversational Greek. Since we have started studying with Spiros,we have actually been able to get by day to day speaking Greek when we travel to Greece. Our relatives have been amazed at our progress. I highly recommend Spiros to anyone who wants to study modern Greek. Linda C. Chief, Planning, Development and Environmental Services for MTA Capital Construction Company Reviews kathryn typaldos Spiros is a lively and engaging Greek tutor. He combines textbook analysis with real life perspective on learning the language. I highly recommend him! Mon Mar 27 2017 John K As someone with Greek heritage, who did not speak Greek (having forgotten all my Greek learned as a child), I decided to take Greek lessons with Spiros. With his help, I was able to make rapid progress, and when I next went to Greece, my relatives were very surprised, impressed and happy with my new ability to communicate with them! It was great to be able to talk with my older relatives and share stories with them. Mon Mar 27 2017 Jeann Linsley I have been Spiros' student for nine years, and have been extremely pleased with his teaching methods and, most of all, with the results! I have learned enough to hold my own in conversations with native Greek speakers, and feel confident as well in my comprehension and reading and writing skills. Spiros is patient but firm, and sensitive to my particular learning style.
/30 minutes

Pantelis P.

You can learn Greek language using my new online teaching method of Ellinognosia, a unique curriculum going step by step learning while being fun. Using technology you can have more structured learning opportunities online 24/7 such as videos, assessments, tests, vocabulary training, exercises and grammar
/30 minutes

Jenni G.

I have taught Classical and Koine Greek to students of all ages and levels. I can help you master Ancient Greek for your studies or your own personal interests. I can help you read Ancient Greek clearly and comprehensibly. I am currently only providing Ancient Greek lessons, not Modern Greek
/30 minutes

Jentzen M.

I tailor my lessons to the goals and learning style of each student. If you want to learn Biblical Greek to enhance your knowledge of the Bible, learn the language, or need assistance in your current Greek class, I would love to assist you! I am excellent at translating Greek to English, for it has been my field of study and occupation for the past four years.
/60 minutes

Niki H.

Hello! I'm Niki. My name's alternate spelling in English is "Nike." Yes, like the sports brand. It means victory. Why is this important in Greek culture? Work with me and find out! I believe that today's Greek culture matters as much as that of ancient times. With me, you can learn about everything: from old traditions and myths, slang and pop culture, to politics and even how to make the perfect Greek coffee, or moussaka. So if you need a versatile teacher with an Athenian (neutral) accent and clear speech, with great knowledge of Greek grammar, syntax, culture, as well as literature, let's work together. Having taught European, American, Latinx and Chinese students by now, I understand how people from different cultures/countries can have completely different learning processes and challenges, due to their mother tongue and collective experiences, in addition to their personal ones. Lastly, having taught solfège singing, I often use my music skill-set for accent-coaching. As for my background, I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the prestigious Arsakeion High School, where I studied intensive ancient and modern Greek, literature, Greek philosophy and Latin. I then studied musicology-pedagogy at the University of Athens, where I lived and taught music until I was 25. In addition to my private Greek tutoring studio in Chicago, I also taught Greek to second-generation Greeks (preschoolers and K1-2) at the Cathedral School of Boston.
/30 minutes
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Jenny is very professional. I'm a student of Classics and I got what I needed. Strongly recommend.

Mikhail (Greek lessons with Jenni G.)

Spiros is a great teacher! We have learned so much and our Greek is improving! He makes each lesson fun and enjoyable! Highly recommend! Opa!

Dimitria (Greek lessons with Spiros S.)

Great interactions. Looking forward to next lesson

Christy (Greek lessons with Spiros S.)

Excellent first lesson. Via Skype we covered common phrases, beginning grammar and vocabulary. Looking forward to my next lesson.

Lynda Horvat (Greek lessons with Spiros S.)

Jenny is very professional. I'm a student of Classics and I got what I needed. Strongly recommend.

Mikhail (Greek lessons with Jenni G.)

Spiros is a great teacher! We have learned so much and our Greek is improving! He makes each lesson fun and enjoyable! Highly recommend! Opa!

Dimitria (Greek lessons with Spiros S.)

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