Expanding Your Vocal Range

Expanding Your Vocal Range

Denise B.

Denise B.

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Put more power in your high notes! These group singing classes will help you expand your range by teaching you how to breathe more effectively. You’ll learn a few different exercises and techniques to help you sing better and with more confidence.

About Denise B.

I hold a Master's degree in Voice Performance from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelor of Science degree in Voice Performance from State Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2001, I toured with the International European Opera Company which performed numerous times in Denmark, France, Italy, and the USA. ​My teaching is based on my own personal, classical training from Europe and North America. Whether it's Opera, Oratorio, Musical Theater, or Pop-style singing that is desired, I believe that classical technique is an essential source of proper singing that can be used to train singers of all genres. I’ve been working with students of all ages and abilities for over a decade and guiding them as they increase their practical and theoretical skills. I love sharing my passion with others and am so grateful to be able to do this incredible job every single day. As someone who had to practice a great amount to get where I am today, I know the importance of a good Vocal Instructor. I’ve taken everything I have learned over the years and combined it into a teaching style that is friendly, approachable and effective. Contact me to find out more. Voice Lessons FAQ Q. Do singing lessons really work? Can singing lessons make a difference? A. While we can all sing to some degree, to sing with skill is a learned craft.  Singing lessons will help you improve your pitch, tone quality, breath support, vocal agility (flexibility). You will expand your range, develop both your chest and head voice. You will learn interpretation, musicality and become confident on stage. While there's a lot of hard work that goes on during a lesson, voice lessons are lots of fun! As your teacher, I am here to encourage you, support you, and guide you in your vocal studies. Q. What do I need for Online Lessons A. You will need a reliable internet connection and space where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. And last, but not least bring a positive mindset, some water to stay hydrated, a mind that’s clear and ready to learn, maybe a goal you’d like to achieve during the lesson! Q. What is the right age to start with singing? A. There is no definitive age to start voice lessons. Singing is beneficial for all ages and levels of experience! Q. How long should a lesson be? A. The duration of a voice lesson mainly depends on experience and age. For younger students and students with little experience, a half-hour lesson is recommended in order to prevent putting stress on a voice that is still developing and/or building the capability of singing for long periods of time. For students with more experience and significant vocal instruction (previous voice lessons, choir, etc… ) a forty-five-minute to an hour-long lesson is strongly recommended. Q. How long should I take lessons to become a good singer? A. The decision is always up to the student. Some people see progress with continuous coaching for an indefinite period of time (especially students who aren’t as advanced as others and are trying to learn the craft and art of singing), and other students who are more experienced like to sign up in order to work on problem areas and then stop when they feel satisfied with their results. Practice is also a factor! Students who don’t rehearse as much will progress at a slower pace than others, which would result in more time necessary to reach their goal. Q. What occurs during a typical voice lesson? A. As your teacher, I want your lesson to be more than just singing through a few songs. While what specifically happens during a voice lesson can vary greatly from student to student and from week to week, the overall structure of the lessons remains similar. We will always start with some combination of warm-ups for your breath, body, and voice. Just as you wouldn't go running without first stretching and warming up your muscles, you don't want to start singing full songs without first getting your body and voice warmed up. Warm-ups will also introduce you to new techniques for properly using your voice in a healthy and beautiful way. After warm-ups, we will work on songs. Typically, you will sing through the song once, and then we will go through it in small, manageable chunks, applying the techniques from the warm-ups to the songs. During the lesson, we will also work on expression and acting. A song isn't just pretty notes - it tells a story. If it's a song from a musical, there's a specific character that sings it. It's your job as a singer to tell the story and to make it fun and exciting for the audience Q. Do I have to sing scales (exercises) - Can I just sing songs? A. Yes, scales are not just warm-ups, scales will help you improve your vocal technique while working on breath support, pitch, tone quality, vocal agility (flexibility), expand your range, blend registers (chest and head), so you can perform with great phrasing and musicality. Q. How often should I practice? A. It’s recommended to try and practice at least once a day. Singing is physical process that requires the development of muscle memory. Try and practice in a setting without any interruptions, and with specific goals in mind. This will help you achieve results quicker. In general, devoting 25-30min to practicing is encouraged. Q. What if I have to cancel a lesson A. There is a 24h advance notice policy that states that a student must notify me of their cancelation 24h prior to their lesson. If not done, the lesson will be marked as missed and the student will be charged.

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Denise is a wonderfully knowledgable teacher with a wealth of experience. Though I am still a novice at singing, she explained the mechanics of singing with proper breath support in a way that I easily understood. She taught me how to practice correctly and helped me with my audition piece as well. I have never had an voice instructor as kind, patient, and encouraging as Denise. Her joyfulness and love of singing is truly contagious. Thank you so much for a wonderful lesson!

Posted Oct 15, 2022

Denise is extremely talented and knowledgable. She also cares deeply about the progress of her students. I strongly recommend her.

Posted Nov 19, 2021

Denise is fantastic! She cares about what she does and is unbelievably talented and knowledgable!

Posted Oct 8, 2021
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