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Piano Technique Workshop - Piano Class

Piano Technique Workshop - Piano Class

Created by Chresten H.
All ages
This class is a technical workshop for intermediate piano players - we will be mostly playing for the class so be ready for a workout! Topics covered include: -Advanced rhythmic subdivisions -Major, Minor and Pentatonic Scales -Playing in different key signatures -Two hand independence -Advanced scale patterns Not for beginner players, this class is for the intermediate student who wants to l... Show More

Teaches Beginner, Intermediate

Teaching since 2003

Music Teacher

Certified Tutor

Age: 5+

I have been a performing musician for almost 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. I consider myself a multi-instrumentalist, my first instruments were the drumset and piano and I began studying guitar in my teens. My love of music has led me to study a wide range of subjects, but my primary teaching these days is focused in intermediate c... Show More
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