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Pedaling for Piano Playing - Piano Class

Pedaling for Piano Playing - Piano Class

Created by William Y.
All ages
How to pedal the damper on the acoustic piano. How to pedal the sustain pedal on the electronic keyboard. Demonstration of the difference between the damper pedal use and operation on the acoustic piano and the technique of operating the sustain pedal on the electronic Keyboard. the fantastic importance of the damper pedal on the piano.

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1973

Music Teacher

24 year mentorship in music literature study, improvisation and sight reading.

Creative Chord Style Piano Teaching\the "lightning fast" piano playing learning method

Age: 8+

Our goal and ability are to teach you to play at a six-year level after 3 months of fast easy fun professional piano lessons. For your information: Are online lessons more effective than in-person lessons? Although there are some differences, multiple studies on distance learning, including this study from UNC, have shown that students are 36% mo... Show More
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