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Harmony for Rock Guitar - Guitar Class

Harmony for Rock Guitar - Guitar Class

Created by Avi B.
All ages
In this class, we'll cover the fundamentals of harmony and how to apply them as a rock and metal guitarist. This is an all-encompassing experience on how to begin your journey to mastery over rock guitar harmony. We'll learn how to take a melody and create a unique harmonic line to be played as a duet, or as part of a larger ensemble. This is immensely helpful for any guitarists who are also le... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2007

Owner, Founder

BA in Music

Bachelors In Music, Specialty In Composition

Age: 6+

Speaks English

Has background check

What's up! My name’s Avi and I’m committed to getting you to rock your heart out as quickly as possible. My goal is to guide my students and cultivate their interest in music into a life-long passion. Learning to embrace our creativity through music won’t just get you playing and having fun; but can teach us about ourselves, about life, and aid us ... Show More