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Guitar Technique Workshop - Guitar Class

Guitar Technique Workshop - Guitar Class

Created by Chresten H.
All ages
Recommended for intermediate players with a few months to a few years of guitar. In this workshop, we will cover intermediate to advanced techniques to help you learn more advanced songs, chords and solos - even improvising! Not a 'Shredder Class,' we will be working on concepts that relate to popular songs and artists. Topics include: -Minor scales, Modal Scales, Bebop/Bluegrass Scales -Advan... Show More

Teaches Beginner, Intermediate

Teaching since 2003

Music Teacher

Certified Tutor

Age: 5+

I have been a performing musician for almost 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. I consider myself a multi-instrumentalist, my first instruments were the drumset and piano and I began studying guitar in my teens. My love of music has led me to study a wide range of subjects, but my primary teaching these days is focused in intermediate c... Show More