3 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Teach Yourself Drums?

  1. Is it possible to teach yourself to play drums? That is the question here. About 45 yrs ago I gave it a try, today it’s my passion. I’ve never had a lesson in my life. As the yrs rolled by my skills, talent, and style jelled into a personality, a voice of its own. Coming up through the ranks of local bands making a name for myself in regular work and fill in jobs. I got a call from a Nashville Artists and hooked up with him and for the next few years touring and opening shows for Brooks and Dunn, Diamond Rio, CCR, and John Berry to mention a few. Now I’m playing for my church. Yes it’s possible, if you have a dream, chace it run it down and live it. Pray about it.

  2. Trying to learn drums on your own is only a guarantee that you will have horrible technique, waste your time learning bad habits, and end up being frustrated and ultimately quit. Technique takes years and years to learn, even if you are learning it the correct way. Practicing bad habits just means it’s harder to unlearn those habits. You should never try to learn drum set playing before you have spent at least a couple of years learning just the snare drum. And LEARN HOW TO READ MUSIC if you want to learn to play. It’s not that hard and you will learn how music works, rather than being a noisemaker.

  3. I was a Naturally Gifted Drummer when I was Eight My Mom Found a Drum teacher but we didn’t Click so I just Progressed and have Learned Traditional Grip and Mirrored Traditional Grip and Tought myself Independents between My High hat foot and bass drum foot I learned the correct technique never hitting the drumskin too hard always pkaying off the top In the fourty year’s I’ve been drumming never cracked a cymbal or pitted a drumhead I would say you should have a feel a Rhythm for Drumming. Being self taught is possible most Drummers Guitarists have a natural skill and learn on their own it is Possible. My only word would be give it everything you have work very very hard sometimes it can feel like your hitting your head against a Steel wall but everything will go right if you keep on keeping on.

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