Secrets of Successful Students

successful students

Do you ever wonder how the best students in your class do it? They always seem to know the right answer in class, get the best grade on the test, and have no worries when grades are posted. You could waste a lot of time being jealous of these exceptional students, or you could learn from their examples and find yourself at the top of the class too. Here are just a few of the secrets of successful students:

1. Don’t Wait for the Last Minute

Procrastinating doesn’t just increase your stress, it also eats up valuable time you could use in a much more productive way. Pretend your projects, papers, and other big assignments are actually due a day early. When you get your work done early, you have more time to review what you’ve done and catch any mistakes before you turn it in.

2. Don’t Lose Sleep 

It is oh-so-tempting to pull an all-nighter before a big test, but resist the urge to cram late into the night. When you’re well rested,  you think more clearly and get better grades. Plus, how embarrassing would it be to fall asleep during an exam? Yikes!

3. Do Take Notes, Your Way

Taking good notes in class will certainly give you a leg up when the time comes to prepare for a test or paper. The best students know how to take notes that suit their personal needs. Are you a visual person? You might like to color code your notes. Is it better for you to organize information into a diagram or a list? Would a drawing help you understand a concept better? Figure out how you can make your notes most helpful to you, and stick to it, even if it is a little weird. Your notes should help you!

4. Do All the Extras

That five point extra credit assignment could be the difference between an A and a B, so why not get it done? Treat any extra credit assignments your teacher hands out as mandatory, and you’ll find that when it comes to your grades, the little things add up.

5. Don’t Hide in Class

Make sure that your teachers know you. Raise your hand if  you have a question and contribute to discussions as much as possible. Your teachers will be sure to notice and appreciate how active and engaged you are in class. This might not directly affect your grade, but it will help if down the line you need to get a letter of recommendation from an instructor.

6. Do Get Organized

If all of your school papers are wadded up in a ball at the bottom of your backpack, odds are it will be tough for you to find what you need when  you’re studying. Keep your things neat to save time and make a better impression on your teachers. Keep a planner or set reminders in your phone so you never forget when you have a big test or a paper due. There are lots of simple things you can do to stay organized in school.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even the best students need help sometimes. After all, if you already knew everything, why would you need to go to school? It’s okay to ask your teachers, classmates, or a private tutor for extra help outside class. Other people have so much knowledge and insight to offer if you just ask!

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