15 Hilarious Signs Your Family is Ready to Go Back to School

Summer is known as the season for sunbathing, extended vacations, and lounging at the pool. If you’re a parent, it also means that you’ll probably have some extra time to spend with your kids while they’re home for summer break.

However, as much as you and your family have enjoyed your summertime activities, there are certain signs that both you and your kids are officially ready for summer to end and school to start up again…

1. You’ve already cashed in on some of those back-to-school sales coupons.

2. And your kids have started to wear their cute back-to-school outfits.

3. They couldn’t contain their excitement when they got into the same class as their best friend.

4. …or their disappointment when they didn’t.

5. You’re still having a hard time remembering the names of their friends who spent many summer afternoons at your house.

6. …who may or may not have broken one of your favorite pieces from Pottery Barn.

7. Your kids are getting a little bit restless when back-to-school shopping.

8. And you’re tired of watching reruns of their favorite TV shows.

9. Even your family pet is looking to find some peace and quiet from the hectic summer activities.

10. You’ve planned out all of their lunches for the first two months of school.

11. And you’ve already practiced your morning routine so that your kids will never be late.

12. You daydream about having some more time to yourself when your kids go back to school.

13. …so you can get back into your “usual” routine.

14. But although you know your kids will rock this school year…

15. As soon as you drop them off on their first day back, you’re ready to start summer all over again.

So there you have it. If you and your family have started to experience some of these things, then you know that you are all ready for back-to-school season with some new adventures to come.

Kids grow up fast, and the moments spent together as a family — shopping for school supplies and picking out cute back-to-school outfits — can seem to go by in a blur. Enjoy every minute of it!

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