3 thoughts on “13 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice Music

  1. That’s a very interesting article. I have two young sons and I sure hope they pick up an instrument but I don’t want to force it on them. They are still young and I feel the best thing to do right now is simply to play together with different instruments. They just love to go into my studio/office and fool around and this always makes me smile. I’m not going to force it but I sure can facilitate it.

  2. To Motivate child is really taught for the parent. especially when the child wants to learn something to a child. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought to us. This tips really help the parent to motivate their child.

  3. Great article! I have one brother always asks for learning music, But I am not interested to send him for music. After reading your blog I have been motivated to send him music class. Please keep sharing, I look forward to read more..

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